Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Indulge Me

Well like all good moms there are times where you just want to show off the kids.

My 5 and 3 year old are show offs when the camera is on, my 9 year old not so much (he often won't even turn around for a still shot):

I just have to share two short videos of Andrew and Caroline that I thought were pretty darn funny.

Tomorrow I will have a recipe I promise (it will get you in the mood for fall!).

"Dancing Queen"

"Fists of Fury"

Were you ever a ham for the camera?  Are kids in love with the camera?

May you all have a great Tuesday and be sure to enter my Conscious Box giveaway (it ends tonight).


  1. mine do too couldn't see the videos

  2. I think I had the settings wrong on the movies, but I believe that is corrected now. :)

  3. You're kids are adorable. My kids very most favorite thing to do is watch our home videos. They can't get enough of themselves.

  4. When in front of the camera I get like camera personality...not really me, conscious of the camera...and awkward...working on that one!


  5. Funny and adorable. I love this. It was a bright spot in my morning!

  6. All three kids totally adorable. Mini-me is like your oldest, I have so many photos of her back or her hand in front of her face. Your youngest son looks Guy Fieri, anything you want to share?

  7. I couldn't get the videos to work when I was on Internet Explorer, so I switched to Firefox and they came up fine :) So glad I got to see them. They really made me smile. What great moves they have!