Friday, January 20, 2012

Gluten Free and Vegan Cookies...YUM!

King Arthur Flour is the only flour I use in my house.  I buy their unbleached all purpose flour like it is going out of style (usually several bags at a time).  I have found, through trial and error (plenty of error), that they produce a superior product and one that I can count on over any other brand.

And so when I was given an opportunity by King Arthur Flour to review their gluten free cookie mix I jumped at the chance.

To make these fit my dietary lifestyle I made them vegan as well.

You know what?

You can't even tell by looking at them.

The mix is a brown sugar cookie base, so the options are limitless as to what add-ins you choose.

For me when I think cookie...chocolate is the first thing to pop into my mind, but I thought I would throw some cranberries in there as well just to liven it up.

The only adjustments I made to the directions for the mix were:

Earth Balance for butter
Ener-g Egg replacer for eggs

The cookies came out so soft.  Even 5 days later (yes I too was amazed they lasted this long) they were still soft and fresh tasting.

One very nice feature of the King Arthur website is that they list if each of the mixes can be made with egg substitutes.  Really helpful information for someone like myself.  I would hate to buy a mix and find out that it was less than stellar in the taste department because the ingredients can't be substituted.

Did you know that not only does King Arthur sell flour and fabulous mixes but they also provide these fabulous services and initiatives:

·         Get step-by-step instructions for your most delicious baking through our Baking Banter blog or one of over 2,000 free recipes online
·         Learn more about our flours, our commitment to quality, and why you get so much more with King Arthur Flour
·         Attend a baking class or demo here in Norwich or on the road
·         Find out how to bring the free Life Skills Bread Baking Program to middle-school students in your community
·         Get help with all your baking challenges from the experts on our Baking Hotline
·         Join our online community, The Baking Circle
·         Learn more about our Social Responsibility efforts, employee-ownership, and the farmers who grow our wheat
·         Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
·         Sign up for special offers through our e-newsletter

I love that there are so many resources and it just goes to show that they care about their consumers and want you to succeed at whatever you baking endeavor is.

I am generally not one for mixes, as I really do enjoy getting in the kitchen and creating it myself, however the quality that King Arthur turns out makes it just as good as homemade.

Have you tried any of their mixes/flours/products?


  1. These look like cookie perfection!

  2. Really I can't tell that they they are vegan and gluten free. Good one.

  3. Wow, how wonderful that a vegan and gluten free cookie turned out so delish!!! They look perfect :)

  4. I love finding out about gluten free alternatives. I am thrilled that King Arthur's mix is available, because their quality is undeniable!!

  5. Hey - loving all your vegan recipes. I will definitely be trying some out!

  6. I am not usually a GF eater but the way these cookies look so soft and fluffy is making me change my ways :D
    They look delightful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I love King Arthur's products and do use them. However I didn't know about this vegan cookies mix. Thanks for letting me know. I know their products are really good so these cookies must be delicious!