Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make a Conscious Effort

I make an effort to buy foods that are organic and items that are sustainably produced.

But did you know there is a company out there that will mail you a box monthly filled with eco-friendly treats?

They are Conscious Box!

I opened the package to reveal this pleasingly wrapped box:

Let me tell you none of the packing went to waste and Caroline was very quick to take the tie and make it into a headband.

Now on to the good stuff.

I opened my box of goodies and WHOA Nelly!  It was packed to the brim:

Like a clown car I kept pulling more and more and more stuff out.  In the end these were the goodies I received:

I was very excited to see the Raw Rev bar in there because I have been wanting to try them forever.  But what was also nice is that it wasn't all food. 

There was hand sanitizer from Clean Well and compostable knives, forks, and spoons (perfect for picnics or BBQ).

This was really a great way for me to have my eyes opened and see what lovely products are out there and sample them before buying full size versions.

I know you want to know what the cost I right?  The box is $19 a month, which at that price is a great gift for that someone special on Valentine's Day (unless you are Jenn of Peas and Crayons and you boycott Valentine's Day).

Conscious Box has a wonderful mission statement on their site and basically they let you know that they've handpicked the items and they are:

dedicated to introducing you to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available. We scour the marketplace to find those that stand above the rest. Discovery defines the Conscious Box experience.

I will say that I was COMPLETELY satisfied with items in it and feel that the price is adequate for such variety and quality items.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

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  1. bahahaha best headband ever!!!!! =) and it turns out I will be celebrating vday this year in my own weird way -- no flowers or chocolate or any of that hoo-hah but with a care package for my loved one full of healthy treats and such -- the conscious box idea for vday is brilliant!!! i love that company so so much! =)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of goodies! I love how Caroline has repurposed that piece of packaging as a headband.

  3. Okay, so the second picture is the cutest picture EVER of Caroline. It perfectly captures her sassy attitude! Oh, the goodies look nice, too. *grins*

    Love always,

  4. That box of stuff is very cool... love that idea!

  5. Awww Caroline's smile made me smile. I have a 3 year old at home and she does very similar thing... everything that looks like necklace goes into head. Yep you heard it right. It's for necklace but she wears it like headband. I was smiling thinking that she would do the same thing as Caroline did! =) You are good mom trying to make an effort and you inspire me!

  6. What an amazing box of goodies. You must have been so excited to open it! :) Such a great gift idea, especially for long distant loved ones. I'll have to check out whether we have anything similar over here.
    Beautiful pics of Caroline. She's adorable! xx