About Me

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children

And a wife to one great catch

Since 2011, we have adopted a healthier way of eating and living.  Through a little bit of research and a lot of trial and error we have planted:

Ten 6x4 raised gardens (with more veggies then I can name)
15 apple trees
2 plum trees
2 peach trees
2 cherry trees
2 pear trees
3 pecan trees
11 blueberry bushes
3 raspberry bushes
5 blackberry bushes

This was all in the name of not eating produce covered in pesticides and handled by numerous people. 

We also have joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) at Faucette Farms.  These things combined provide us with tons of fresh and healthy produce.

The result has been that everyone feels better and doesn't get sick nearly as often.  I have to attribute my increased energy and zest for life to my change in eating habits.  Seriously I CRAVE vegetables.

I went one step further.  From eating mostly organic, and locally grown when possible, to cutting out meat and animal products from my diet all together.  I have gone vegan but my family remains vegetarians.

The passion I now have for food is what drove me to blogging.  I wanted to share, with anyone who would listen, what good wholesome food can do for you. 

Watching movies like Food, Inc and Supersize Me gave me a whole new perspective on where food comes from, how it is treated, and what it can do to your body (no one is going to ever be able to tell me that McDonald's has a "healthy" menu).

It has been my great pleasure to serve my family delicious and healthy meals and now it is my pleasure to share them with you.

It really doesn't get any better then your child pushing away pizza so that they can have a clementine orange.


  1. Love your goals and motivation! I too have given up meat recently, and I try my best to keep every ingredient I use for my cooking as fresh and as organic as possible!

  2. Wow, so jealous you have space for growing your own veggies! I can't wait to be able to have a backyard to do that :) Your kids are so cute!!!

  3. SO happy to have found this blog. I look forward to checking in often for tips and inspiration. I'm a single mom, vegan/vegetarian chef, novice gardener, and aspiring blogger. Always good to connect to others who are involved in similar lifestyle endeavors.