Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend my family, and I, travelled up to Richmond to visit my aunt.

Cathy was kind enough to watch our 3 children for the night as we went to see Dralion by Cirque du Soleil

This is not the first Cirque show I have been to see, but it is my favorite thus far.

My husband was more a fan of the clowns than the acrobatics.  I however was just completely in awe of each act.

It is amazing to me what they can get their bodies to do, and the strength that they posses is unreal.

The fun didn't stop with the show.  We also went to Silver Diner.

To me the name doesn't do it justice, but it is not diner food at all.

Silver Diner embraces the farm to table movement and sources their food locally.

And if that wasn't enough to pull you in, they have juke boxes at each table:

I am not sure how many times my kids pressed the buttons, I am just glad they didn't break it!

Their menu is huge and has breakfast items served all day (big plus if you are a five year old addicted to pancakes).

The have choices to suit everyone from the vegan to the carnivore.

I do have to say that the customer service was wonderful.  My husband ordred a hamburger with no mustard.

When his dinner came out the waiter noted that he thought mustard was on it.

They both checked and sure enough there it was.  However the manager brought over a new burger and a coupon for a free meal next time we were there.

Now to me that WAY over and beyond what I would expect.  A new sandwich and an "I'm sorry" would have sufficed.

It is nice to see though that they were willing to go out of there way to ensure we had a good meal.

So that wraps up the weekend for us.

I think we have a nice quiet weekend ahead of us just before school starts.

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  1. You guys are always traveling all over the place! I love that!!! And that diner looks really cool! We don't have a lot of farm to table restaurants around us, but anytime we travel we like to find them!!

    I have seen 3 Cirque shows and have loved them all, too. Aren't the performers incredible? Watching their bodies contort and perform their acts is just amazing. I am positive my body would not hold up to the things they are able to do!

  2. I love Cirque du Soleil!!!! You're right, the talent is out of this world amazing. My favorite so far has been "0", the water element is stunning and magical. Loved this trailer, it's on my to do list now :)

  3. I've only seen one Cirque du Soleil show, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! It is truly truly amazing the things these people can do with their bodies. Wow!! Did you go to Richmond, VA for the weekend? My mom lives there, so I am going to seek out the Silver Diner next time if that's the Richmond you were referring to! :-) Fun weekend!