Friday, August 24, 2012


The internet is abuzz with news about California's proposition 37.

If you don't know what that it is it is the proposition to label genetically modified foods.

I think the most disheartening reveal from the slurry of information out there is that some of the organic companies that I love are paying to say "No" to GMO labeling.

To me that seems completely counter intuitive, but when Pepsi/Kellogs/General Mills, etc own you they own your thoughts as well.

Such a shame!

I don't want to be preachy but I just have to say if you have nothing to hide then should not be concerned about labeling.

If you are proud of the product your produce you should not be concerned about labeling.

I found this chart on the website of the Cornucopia Institute (a 501c who promotes family scale farming).

Larabar put out a message today addressing their position on the "No" side.

Dear LÄRABAR Community,

We hear your passion and concerns regarding California Proposition 37, and we acknowledge the strongly held views on this topic.  We would like to restate – LÄRABAR products do not use any GMO ingredients, and never will. As a further sign of our commitment, we are in the process of enrolling our brand in the Non-GMO Project.

Like most food companies that sell products beyond California, General Mills (the parent company of LÄRABAR) is not in favor of state-based labeling laws.  General Mills believes labeling regulations should be set at the national level, not on a state-by-state basis, as Proposition 37 would mandate in California.  To learn more about General Mills’ position on Proposition 37, we encourage you to
read more here.

We welcome your constructive, respectful feedback and will make sure that your comments are shared with General Mills.  For further questions or to share your comments, please
contact us.

Simply yours,

My issue with this missive is if you oppose state labeling why not spearhead national labeling?  Would it be so hard to spend some of that money to lobby for nationwide labeling?  Show the consumer community that you don't have anything to hide.

That is my rant for today, it has been sitting in the pit of my stomach all week.

To get a bigger breakdown of who owns the organic industry see this chart.


  1. Wow, great information! I'm so sad companies like Larabar and Kashi and Odwalla are not supporting it. That's surprising! Thank you for such an informative post!

  2. I agree. And I'm glad you shared what Larabar wrote. It made me realize how important it is to support local and independently owned companies (and to encourage them not to sell themselves to the big behemoths!) It is evident that Larabar would have a very different stance if they weren't owned by general mills. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Their explantion doesn't fly with me! If products have to be labeled for California, then they will be labeled for all. No company is going to make different labels for other states. They will make a "one label fits all" and that will be that. I find this answer to be condecending as they think we can't figure this out. These big companies are trying to opt out and make us think they are looking toward the future. Bah, humbug.

  4. I just found this and have no idea if it is true or not, but I though you might appreciate knowing this information!

  5. Oh yes. I've been hearing ALL about GMO's lately. A very good friend of mine gets just as passionate about this as you do! ;o) She is very upset that she can no longer eat Larabars. (out of principle, not ingredient content).

    If it weren't for you and my friend Ashley though, I don't think I would know much about this. It hasn't been a big topic over here in the news or anything. Or maybe I've just missed it.

  6. I love your 'rant'. Sometimes I am so wrapped up in my busy life I need someone to give me the scoop so thanks! I have heard about this but will continue to read up on it because it is an important issue for sure.

  7. Thanks for compiling all of this! It is good to know!

  8. Yet another example which highlights how much control the big companies have over government. It's so wrong. Consumers absolutely have a right to know what they're buying so they can make informed choices.

  9. This was so insightful. I hadn't heard anything about it. Larabar's note was well written...but you make an EXCELLENT point. Why NOT spearhead a national campaign??? Great rant!! :)