Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Happy Tuesday to one and all.

You will have to forgive me for writing a "catch up" post.  I am in a serious state of food bliss, I blame this on the Whole Foods salad bar I had for lunch capped off with a GT's kombucha (seriously addictive stuff).

I have been catching up this past week on my blog reading, I have been sorely behind.

I found out that one blogger is have a baby, congrats Steph!

Anna made some gold medal worthy s'mores krispies bars.

Laura made some French toast Elvis would be envious of.

And Sharon made some gorgeous (or lush as she would say) vegan jello.

Once I made it through my blog loves I had to check out Pinterest.

Pinterest has a ton more interesting stuff on it, since I was last there. 

I found a cool work out...not sure if it will work, but it won't take much time to find out:

These delicious doughnut pancakes caught my eye:

However one thing left me puzzled:

Seriously?  With 3 kids I don't have time to read 99 ways to simply life.  How about simplifying the list.

Maybe this is what is needed to help simplify:

Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Anything caught your eye lately?  Recipes that you want to try?  Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am?

Tomorrow I have a giveaway for you lovely people and I can't wait to share it :)

Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. Happy Tuesday, sweet Rachel! Thank you so much for the linkage. These pancakes do look good! Love the "before you speak" board!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! Let me know if you try that Elvis Toast. :)

    I've done that workout before - it's a good one!

  3. I'm tired just looking at the photo of that workout, egads. Those donut-shaped pancakes are awesome!

  4. Okay, here's the deal. I want you to make those doughnut pancakes, and I'll eat them with the kids! *winks*

    Love always,

  5. I love the "think" sign, I will have to make one of those for my house...such a great message!!

  6. I've really enjoyed catching up with your blog too Rachel, after 3 weeks' of no computer access. It's been great hearing about your latest pursuits.
    As ever, I love your pins... especially the 'Think' sign. That would be a great one to hang up in school class rooms.