Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Giveaway

Well in yesterday's post I promised a giveaway today.

I am not one to welch on a promise so here it is.

I have a $50 gift pack to giveaway from BabyLegs Organics (which includes at least 2 pairs of leg warmers).

Now you may be asking what are BabyLegs?

Well in April of 2005, a young mom was confronted with a diaper rash that just wouldn't quit. The rash needed some fresh air to heal, but she was also concerned about keeping her daughter warm. In a moment of inspiration, she snipped the feet off of a pair of socks and fitted her daughter from hip to ankle with a cool set of leg warmers. These leg warmers not only kept her daughter warm, but also protected her from the elements, made diaper changing and potty training easier, and protected her soft knees while crawling. With some fun designs and some grassroots marketing support, the functional and fashionable leg warmers that began as a solution to keep little legs warm quickly became much more.

Now they produce these very cute and fashionable legwarmers for both boys and girls:

They have got TONS of more styles, and I just don't have the space to show them all...but they are precious.

For younger children they really do provide nice protection for their knees.  For the older children it is a wonderful opportunity to add a little flair to their outfits.  For someone like my daughter these are just a dream AND they don't interfere with her potty training.

There is different sizing depending on what product you might purchase (they sell socks, tights and leg warmers), but a link to that is here.

If you would like to see what other fans of Baby Legs are saying you can head over to their Facebook page and check it out.

I bet right about now you are asking your self "How do I enter this giveaway?"

Simple use the Rafflecopter below.  I will announce a winner on Monday August 20th.  Be sure to share this opportunity with your friends.   And remember Baby Legs are for boys and girls so this is open to everyone.

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  1. I bet I know a little girl who would love those!

    Love always,

  2. BabyLegs!!! I love these, my daughter only has one pair...but I'm hoping to remedy that--fingers crossed :) Great review too, I never knew the story behind these adorable leg warmers, now that I do I love them even more. I love smart, inventive, outside the box Mamas!!

  3. OMG! I neeeeed the baseball ones for my boy! swooooooon