Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday To One and All

Well today I planned to share with you what a great weekend I had.

To share how productive I had been.

To wow you with homemade almond and rice milk, using my brand new cheesecloth the hubby was kind enough to find for me.

But guess what?

Life happened and I wasn't able to do any of those things because my beautiful little girl is sick.

I had this scene with me from Friday through Sunday. 

The poor little punk girl has croup and just wanted to relax in her recliner "just like daddy" and watch her beloved cartoons (namely I am a little sick of that character).

Anyway I did want to share that I had some help in the kitchen. 

My four year old, Andrew, is becoming my little sous chef. 

He helped me prepare individual pizzas for dinner and did a bang up job with them.

With his small rolling pin he was able to knock out four individual pizzas in no time flat.

He loved the process of:
  • making the dough 
  • learning why you use flour on the counter to keep things from sticking
  • what corn meal is and why it is used on the pizza split
  • what a pizza split is
I love that he is learning how to use the kitchen, hopefully this will make him confident in the kitchen as an adult.

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  1. Can Andrew come over and make me one of his delicious specialties? SO cute...and so is your sweet sick angel. I hope she's feeling better today.

    PS. As to how I stay slim...well, I really don't each much of what I bake. If it's really tempting me, I give a majority of it away. And I also have a pretty strict exercise regime (which was impossible to do when I had young children).

  2. I hate that my precious girl is sick! Give her a hug from Nanny!

    Tell Andrew that I would LOVE to have one of his pizzas!

    Tell Owen Nanny will see him in a couple of days!

    Love always,

  3. So sorry to hear that your little girl has been sick. I hope she's on the road to recovery now. And what about you? Are you over the cold now?
    What a great little helper you have in the kitchen! It's so nice for them to be involved in food preparation isn't it? I find it really sparks their interest and enthusiasm for trying new foods. The pizzas look very tasty indeed!
    I must get some cheesecloths. They should save me a small fortune in kitchen paper when draining off the tofu :) x

  4. That's so sweet that Andrew helped! SOme of my best memories are in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother.

  5. Cute! I don't blame the lil' guy - pizzas are the most fun things to make.

    I hope she gets well soon!