Thursday, November 10, 2011

Enjoy is good for you!

I was contacted by Enjoy Life to sample some of their gluten free cookies.

Kind of a no brainer...after all who says "No" to cookies?

Certainly not me.

I was gifted with 4 different types to taste test:
  • Double Chocolate
  • Sugar Crisp 
  • Vanilla Honey Graham
  • Chocolate Chip

First up on the tasting block was the chocolate chip, as my kids couldn't wait for me to get the box open.

With ample chocolate chips, and a taste almost like homemade, these were an instant hit.

We ate these straight up because really you don't need much to accompany a chocolate chip cookie, except maybe a cold glass of almond milk.

Next up vanilla honey graham.

This one we all agreed is perfect with ice cream or gelato (I just happened to have some Talenti Raspberry Sorbet handy)

I was expecting more of a graham cracker taste but it had way more vanilla and was similar to a short bread.

Owen happily munched on his, while Caroline couldn't take the yum factor anymore and just had to lay her head down (in reality she was not feeling well, but I thought the photo was funny all the same):

Our 3rd trial was sugar crisp.

This is a fantastic and versatile cookie. 

While eaten alone is a great crunchy sugar cookie but given that it doesn't have any "extra" flavors it can be paired with a number of other desserts and fruit easily.

I haven't done it yet but I would like to use these as ice cream cookies filled with a favorite ice cream like SO Delicious. 

Last, and my absolute favorite, is double chocolate.

I am slightly ashamed but I have hidden these from my kids (I know they would eat them all).

These are the best cocoa cookie filled with chocolate is must to serve with cold almond milk as you will be inclined to dunk the cookie (go ahead let the kid in you out).

So whether you need a gluten free cookie due to dietary restrictions OR if you are simply looking for a delicious cookie give Enjoy Life a try, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

The cookies, in addition to be being gluten free, are wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, and tree nut free.

Have you tried Enjoy Life?  If so what was your favorite flavor?

*The ideas and thoughts expressed in this post are my own and I was not paid for my work other then the boxes of cookies

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  1. Those cookies look so scrummy! I'd love to try them but I don't think we get them over here :(
    Poor Caroline! I hope she's all better now!