Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Peachy!


And I am not exaggerating. 

When you wake up at 6:30 and your windows already have dense condensation on them from the humidity you know things will not be pleasant when you go out.

To alleviate some of that pain I made this:

Peach Sorbet

I thought I had died and gone to heaven.


4 C chopped peaches
1 C sugar
pinch of salt
2 C water

I chopped my peaches and left the skins on

Next you will need to combine the water and sugar in a pan over medium to low heat until the sugar completely dissolves.  Then stir in a pinch of salt.  This creates your simple syrup.

Combine your peaches and simple syrup and blend till smooth.

I did leave a few chunks because I like to have a little something to chew when I have sorbet.

The mixture needs to be refridgerated for at least 2-3 hours (but can be as long as overnight), just follow the directions of your ice cream maker for this.

Pour your ingredients into your ice cream maker and wait (mine took 20 minutes to get to the desired consistency.

Waiting can be the hardest part

Finally we are ready for consumption

Man oh Man!

I wish I could share some of this with you. 

It was fresh, delicious, and peachy. 

I highly recommend whipping some up and sharing with others. 

This has been a delightful treat for the kids and a tad bit better for them with the absence of any dairy.

Day 8 of Operation Declutter My House is seeing these little gems go

We had a small collection of these snap together boxes occupying an armoire.  Now they are gone and our board games, which previously shared the space, have a little room to breath.

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I'll see you tomorrow for WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) and a terrific apple recipe!!!


  1. My Grandmother lived in Georgia most of my life this makes me miss fresh Georgia peaches.

  2. Oh no, looks like another gadget to add to my 'wish list'! The sorbet looks amazing! I wish some of the USA heat would move over here. It doesn't feel like the summer holidays at all... it's vaguely warm but keeps raining :(

  3. Speaking of peachy, someone asked me How I was doing. and I said, "Im doing great" and I asked her, "How about you?", and she said, "I am peachy".....and I am confused up till now. What does it mean? I am not native speaker..so Im a bit clueless with english term sometimes.

  4. Love me some peaches!! Looks awesome :)

  5. It was delicious!!!

    Love always,

  6. Lovely! I wonder if I can substitute honey for the sugar.

  7. What a delightful summer treat! Yummy!

  8. just made this! in the fridge now & will put in the ice cream maker tomorrow am :)

    xo, dixie

    ps. the reason i comment as anonymous is b/c i can't figure out another way to do it??

  9. this looks like the perfect summer dessert!! :)

  10. Yum - this looks so tasty! I love that there is no cream, just delicious peaches. Visiting from the ice cream social :)