Monday, July 25, 2011

CSA Haul and Updated Banana Split

On Friday's we head over to Faucette Farms to pick up our bounty from their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).


Yet another wonderful week in which I feel we got TONS of food for the money.

That watermelon is bigger then any I have ever seen before at about 2.5 feet long.

We were lucky to still get some peaches (a recipe with them coming tomorrow!!!) and some apples (a recipe with those the day after tomorrow!!).

My favorite item in our bag were these tomatoes

Those tiny ones in the back are the best snack food.  They are about the size of a blueberry and you can just pop them in your mouth and go.

Speaking of snacks my children LOVE snacks, whole meals not so much, but mention "snack" and they are on board for whatever you are serving...hence my new favorite snack.

Aften dinner last night the kids wanted dessert and my husband mentioned banana splits...but we don't have any type of ice cream.

So to avoid going to the grocery story and spending money we didn't need to spend I decided to feed the kids these...

Cut in half and topped with this...


In a sandwich bag I placed a handful of animal crackers and crushed them with a meat mallet

The poor meat mallet hasn't gotten much of a workout since I gave up meat, but it did turn those animal crackers into this

A nice fine crunchy middle for my banana treat.

Put the banana halves back together and serve

My husband preferred to have his topped with peanut butter, animal crackers, and chocolate chips

Both very yummy and healthy alternatives to the traditional banana split.

I didn't blog this weekend, I know "BAD" Rachel, but I did want to share the items that were removed for Operation Declutter My House:

Saturday, Day 5:

Sunday (we decided to go big and to Goodwill), Day 6:

9 coffee mugs (that's alot for two people who don't drink coffee)

model train

bag of clothing and some running shoes that I have always hated

For today I am have removed this toy which provided hours of fun for my boys (Day 7):

My First Leap Pad

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and come back tomorrow for a delicious and refreshing peach treat.


  1. What a haul from your CSA! After seeing this, maybe I should join the one in my area. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Nice pics of everything. Hmm, me and nutella - dangerous combination! ;)

  3. What beautiful produce! And I love the way you made the banana splits--great idea!

  4. I had to lol at the meat mallet, I have actually never seen or heard of one before.
    Glad your csa gave you so many yummy things too, looks so good and fresh!

  5. What a great dessert idea! Not to mention super cheap! I love it :)

  6. They look good! You can also mash the bananas and freeze the mash. Topped with chocolate sauce, it's quite yummy!

    Love always,

    P.S. Hope the peach recipe is for the delicious peach ice cream Andrew and I had today!

  7. I am in love with the possible endless desserts of nutella and your addtion to banana's with toppings wow!~

  8. mmmmm....banana split looks really good!! and the vegetables and fruits look FRESH!

  9. What an incredible veggie bounty! There's a new cooperative farm in the next village to mine and I think I'm definitely going to join up. They might even teach me to grow veggies properly. ;)
    The 'My First Leap Pad' image brings back memories. My son loved this toy!

  10. Love those bananas and Nutella!!! I'm totally addicted!

  11. Literally a banana split! Lols! Anyways it was a nice read. You just gave me a wonderful idea. My mom is coming this weekend and I am planning to make her something homemade. Thanks for sharing!