Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dream Just a Little Bit

Do you ever dream about re-doing a room in your house?

I do.

I often look at my kitchen and wonder what would I do if I could remodel it.

Well I think really you need look no further than Pinterest to see.

What might some of my dream kitchens look like?  Something like this:

Source: via Francine on Pinterest

Source: via velia on Pinterest

For me a new set of cabinets would just be lovely and if I was given $25,000 to do it, I bet I could get a pretty nice set up.

Did you know Food Lion is giving away $25,000 for a kitchen make-over?

They are also giving away groceries for a year, and some other great prizes.  For more information head over to their Facebook page (As only certain Food Lions are participating in this contest, you will need to enter your zip code to see if your Food Lion is participating).

How to Enter:

Food Lion MVP shoppers will enter by registering their MVP Card and completing an entry form on Food Lion’s Facebook page. Once entered, customers will be made aware of additional ways to enter including:

1.  Purchasing any My Essentials brand product and scanning their personal MVP Card

2.  Checking into their local Food Lion via Foursquare or Facebook


There will be a Grand Prize, a 1st & 2nd place prize, as well as multiple Food Lion gift card giveaways.
  • Grand Prize: $25k Home Makeover Package
  • 1st Place: $10k in cash
  • 2nd Place: Free Groceries for a Year
  • 100 weekly $20 Food Lion gift cards (400 total)
I am surely heading over to register to win and then I am going to go perusing on Pinterest and dream, even for just a little while, about what I could do with that money.

So if you were to win what would you change about your kitchen?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Food Lion. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. I would LOVE a new kitchen but sadly I left the land of Food Lion a long time ago :)

  2. Pinterest fantasies are the best! I hope /you/ win!

  3. I love the last picture. I dream about my perfect kitchen all the time!! One day I hope :)

  4. Even though I love the color green on those first cabinets, I am always drawn more to white ones. They are just so classic and clean!

  5. All of our Jacksonville Food Lions closed a few months back. It's a shame. I really liked shopping there. That is one cool giveaway. It's fun to dream of kitchen redo's.

  6. Our kitchen cabinets are brown (stock) and since we've been in the house 9 years I am getting antsy to paint them white, I just need a change, I need to look at something different. Of course my husband will do all of the work:) But we have granite countertops and I love those, such easy upkeep and cleaning.

  7. Those kitchens! We did a small kitchen remodel last year, but nothing that would make it look like any of these dream kitchens. I am in love with the wood floors.

  8. Those are some stunning looking kitchens! I really hope you win the prize money! :)
    We had a new kitchen installed a few years ago (only a cheap one from Ikea). I'm really glad that we didn't play it 'safe' and instead chose the colours that we really wanted... glossy red cupboards with a sparkly black granite worktop. It really livens up what is a pretty small, dark space at the back of the house.