Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel Food Cake Nana Style...NOT!

So some of the fondest memories I have of my grandmother involve food.  Seriously the woman was a phenomenal cook and baker.

One of her dessert's that brings back some of the fondest memories for me is her angel food cake.

It was always tall, light, and covered with a light glaze...YUM!

My grandmother passed almost 4 years ago and it has been at least that long since I had angel food cake and I decided it was time for me to give it a whirl.

I pulled out her recipes and got to work.  Now I thought about making this vegan but in researching my options not many people had had any luck with making a veganized version...apparently whipping eggs into a frenzy is something that is hard to replicate.


1 C egg whites
1/2 tsp salt

Whip these together until foamy, then add:

1 tsp cream of tartar

Beat until the egg white sand up in soft peaks, then add:

1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla

In a separate bowl sift 1 1/4 C sugar and 1 C cake flour

Fold your flour and sugar mixture into your egg mixture carefully.  Incorporate the flour mix slowly so as not to ruin the egg mixture.

In a tube pan flour the sides and bottom (no butter) and then pour in your batter.  Bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes.

This next step I thought was a little odd, but who am I to question the recipe of a baking genius.  Turn the heat off and allow the cake to remain in the over for another 10 minutes.

Then take the cake out and turn it upside down until it is cool.

So I was feeling pretty good about this until I mixed in the flour.  I felt pretty certain about half way through that things were not staying as fluffy as they should.  However while it was baking it smelled delicious and exactly the way Nana's would have.

Once I got it out of the pan though things were VERY apparent that I had not correctly put my ingredients together.  My cake was probably 1/2 the size of hers and not nearly fluffy.

To my credit though the flavor was very good and had a wonderful slight almond taste.  I made a glaze and that brought the cake together. 

To make it all the more special and to recall memories of years passed I served it on my Nana's china.

So give it a try and maybe try more then once, because apparently angel food cake takes a little work to get right.

I hope you all have a happy Monday!


  1. I have many fond memories of eating this cake at her house. You know it's your dad's favorite. Do you remember the time my mixer had died, and we made one from a mix and had to whip the egg whites with a rotary mixer? Yikes!

    Love always,

  2. Even though it didn't rise as much as you'd hoped, the cake does look very light. I bet it melts in your mouth!
    I love your Nana's plate. I've still got a few pieces of my Nana's chinaware, including a gorgeous 1930s tea set. I'm too scared to use it in case I break it, but I love looking at it. It brings back wonderful memories of my wonderful Nana :)

  3. It looks wonderful and I'm sure it was delicious. Such a special food memory! The only two items I can think of is the eggs needed to beat more and/or the flour was over mixed in the egg whites....however, I'm not sure. I know that when you make it again, it will be great!

  4. What a beautiful memory...
    I have been very close to my grandmom and still remember the taste of every thing she made.
    This cake does look very light and perfect texture...
    Good Job...

  5. This angel food cake may not be fluffy but it sure looks delicious to me!

  6. This post brings back memories of my grandmother! She also made angel food cake, it was one of the few things she made. She didn't fancy herself much of a cook. I don't think I've had angel food cake (homemade) in about 15 years. Maybe I should try it!