Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Week Away and Birthdays

So I haven't been blogging in a while and it is completely my fault.

I was away at a class last week in Chapel Hill, NC (UNC) and forgot to bring the cord for my camera so that I could upload pictures.  Yes I know I could have blogged without pictures, but I just don't think that is as interesting.

So now I have to remember how to ride this bike and provide you with fun and food.

Last week my first born turned 9.  I know, I know...I don't look old enough to have a 9 year old (I had him when I was young :)!

He is a sweet and wonderful boy and very understanding, as I was away for his actual birthday.  So to make sure that he didn't feel slighted I made him a cake and we had his birthday celebration early.

He had a fun time and enjoyed eating his yummy vegan vanilla birthday cake with "butter"cream icing.

Fast forward one week and I had a birthday, although this time I was home to celebrate.  I turned 34!

I am not a girl (I don't feel like I've reached the age where calling myself a woman is appropriate yet) who minds sharing her age with everyone...what is there to be ashamed of.

Well there is one thing and that is apparently my mind isn't all together with it because I forgot to bring my camera on my birthday date. 

This year what I wanted was to go out to dinner and a movie.  So my husband told me I could pick anywhere that I wanted to go...so I chose Panera (yeah I know not super fancy, but one of my favorite places).  Then he agreed to take me to Maxie B's (a local bakery) for a slice of cake.

I wish I could share pictures of what I ate, but I can tell you that for dinner I had salad and half of a Mediterranean veggie sandwich.  YUM!  The cake I chose was devil's food with thick chocolately fudge icing...probably 1000's of calories in a slice (which ironically don't count when it is your birthday...keep that in mind).

My movie treat was a chick flick, What's Your Number, starring Anna Farris and Chris Evans (i.e. Captain America).  There is nothing cereberal about the movie, but it is funny.  There is a little bit of crude language, but it goes along with the lack of clothing Chris Evans seems to enjoy showing us (nothing wrong with his Captain America muscles). 

A good movie for a girls night out, but I do have to add that my husband (who isn't in to this type of movie) did laugh several times.

This picture is all I have to show for it:

So what have you been up to this past week while I have been MIA? 

What I Ate Wednesday tomorrow and look forward to getting back to my blogging schedule.


  1. Yum, Chris Evans....ooops! I mean, yum, Panera! That's the sandwich I always get too. So yummy! Happy Birthday to you and your son. Hope you guys had a great day :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your first born! I still remember when you were pregnant with him. Such bittersweet memories of Greensboro. I'm starting to feel old!!!

  3. Belated happy b'day to your son! I loved the look of the cake and the smile in his face!! A vegan cake like this is truly tempting!