Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hempy Tuesday

Today started off as a rainy Tuesday and one in which I thought my mood might be dampened (you know sometimes the rain and overcast weather just pulls you down because you don't get enough of that sunshine and vitamin D).

When the weather is cool and rainy like today you realize that fall is just around the corn.

Making it even more evident is the changing colors of the leaves.  Such a beautiful time of year and it really gets you in the spirit for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and food like apple pie (or just about anything with warm apples) and sweet potatoes.

At least those are the things I think about. 

I do lament the loss of strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.  But I know they will come around again just as soon as the weather warms back up.

I try to not waste my time wishing the weather was warmer when it is cold out and not wishing for colder weather when it is warm out.  So I have to live in the moment and in the produce that is available.

One thing that is readily available, and LOVED by my children, is sweet potatoes.  This is probably because I have called them candy in the past to get them to try them...I am a little ashamed of my lie, but it was all in the name of good health.

Speaking of good health and candy allow me to share with you this recipe brought to you by my husband's aunt Cindy (I feel a bit like Sesame Street saying it this way like I also need to include a number and a letter for the day).

Energy Bites

1 C oatmeal (not quick cooking)
1/2 C nut nutter (I chose almond)
1/3 C agave (could use honey if you don't want them vegan)
1 C coconut flakes
1/2 C ground flaxseed
1/2 C chocolate chips (I chopped up Enjoy Life Mega Chunks)
1 tsp vanilla

*An option if you need to make this nut free would be to use sunflower butter or soy butter

Put all ingredients in one bowl, mix, and then chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.

After your chill period get them out and roll them. 

Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to a week (but I doubt they will last that long in your house).

For a little added health I rolled a couple in Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest.

A quick bite about Manitoba Harvest.  They are a company out of, you guessed it, Winnipeg Manitoba (Canada) that started in 1998.  They take great steps in making sure that they products they sell are of the utmost quality and non-GMO.

The goodness is in the numbers as 1 serving of their hemp hearts provides 10 grams of plant based protein (who says you have to get all of your protein from animals).  They also contain calcium, fiber, and folic acid (which is super wonderful for expectant moms).

So eat some energy bites, head outside, and enjoy this weather.

I taste tested my product before I headed out for play time and I have to say I don't know if I have a favorite between the two.  The hemp hearts do give the bite a "nuttier" flavor...but both are delicious.

Thanks again Cindy for the recipe!


  1. Love the recipes! Came across your blog tonight and was wondering where you buy the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts in NC? I only ask because I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and only thought my Costco had them because they were buying local. I was really surprised they would be available so far from home, not because they aren't great, but had no idea they supplied outside of Canada. Silly me! This is the second recipe I saw of yours that used them and I just had to ask.

  2. @WpgGirl
    I got this bag as a sample and LOVE IT! However there are several stores here that sell it. I love to get the word out about stellar products and Manitoba Harvest is one of those stellar products.

  3. Hey @WpgGirl ~ You can find our products all across North America. We also attend various consumer shows all across the United States! Check out our 'store locator' online for all the locations we're in. :) Thanks for loving our products!

  4. Some Costco/Sams Club carry this brand of Hemp Hearts. They are delicious!

  5. I just purchased my first bag of Hemp Hearts today and can't wait to make this recipe. Need to purchase a few other ingredients first. Thanks for sharing!! You should look at using the Ziplist Plugin for your website..these recipes can be shared using the ZipList App on mobile devices. Just a suggestion. Thanks!!