Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post: How to Make Healthy Easy

Today I am bringing you a guest post from James from the Blog Content Guild.  He has whipped up some great tips on how to make eating healthy easy and not take up all of your time.

At my house one way to make healthy eating easier, for me, is to engage my children in preparation of the meals.  Most recently Andrew, who is 4, snapped a huge bag of green beans that went into a stir fry and a soup we were making.

Without further ado....James:

How to Start Eating Healthy Meals Easily

Unhealthy meals often taste a lot better than healthy meals. Re-adjusting your palate to nutritious food can be a challenge sometimes. The good news is that not all healthy foods are bland. There are ways to eat right and not sacrifice your love of delicious food. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to spend extra hours in the kitchen cooking or extra time learning how to cook better. You just need to tweak a few things about the way you eat. Here’s what you can do:

A) Keep Your Meals Balanced

Try to include all the food groups in each of your meals. This means you should eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy products, and whole grains.

For example, if you like steak and fries, you can turn this relatively unhealthy meal into a healthy one by making a few adjustments. Cut the steak in half and share it with someone else. Instead of fries, make some enriched whole-wheat pasta and green beans. It’s pretty easy to make nutritious green beans taste good. Just cook them in a pan with some clove garlic, parsley, shallots, black pepper, olive oil, and salt. These seasonings will help bring out the flavor of the steak as well. 

B) Be Cognizant of Portions

Many of us tend to overeat simply because our plates are too big. Overeating, unfortunately, isn’t healthy or good for our waistlines. So, buy some smaller plates for when you’re eating at home. When you’re at a restaurant, take a good look at the platter in front of you before you start eating. If it’s large, only eat half of the meal and save the rest for lunch the next day. In addition to paying attention to plate sizes, you should also pay attention to the speed at which you eat. If you eat quickly, you probably consume more food than someone who eats slowly. You need to give your stomach some time to catch up to your mouth. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you are able to eat a smaller amount of food and still feel full, if you eat slowly and take your time when you chew.

C) Brush the Dust Off Your Stovetop

Start cooking at home and start eating healthier. At home you’re able to serve yourself the right portions and ensure that the food you’re eating isn’t smothered in butter or completely covered in salt. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating. If you aren’t much of a chef, you can look up some online recipes to meals that are quick and easy to cook. Try dishes you’ve never had before, and make your meals colorful with different kinds of veggies. The more colorful a vegetable is, the more nutrients it typically contains.

Include a variety of different kinds of food products in your diet, buy some smaller plates, and start using those recipe books your great aunt has been giving you for Christmas every year. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore! 

Thank you James for your contribution!!!


  1. Those are all very reasonable but necessary tips. Plus, it's great you get your son involved; he's adorable! It's easy to think processed foods taste better if that's all one eats. I started eating mostly natural foods and now I think they taste superior. It's all a matter of taste and adapting to a new lifestyle.

  2. Nice post; a good reminder to everyone to keep cooking simple, cook with your family (cute, cute boy!) and just get in the kitchen and DO it... Cooking at home is not that difficult! I think remembering to use fresh herbs and spices helps keep food interesting also.

  3. Such great tips, James!

    And, Rachel, your son is a doll and a such a good helper~

  4. Beautifully photographed and written! I feel one of the biggest reasons people do not eat healthy foods is because they feel it won’t taste good. But you share very useful tips here.