Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIAW #12 With a Cup of Water

So last week I was too lazy unsure of how many What I Ate Wednesday's I have participated in.  I am happy to say that this week I am a lot less lazy motivated enough to find out that the number is 12 (counting this week).

A quick shout out to our host Jenn over at Peas and Crayons who has been hooking up this party for 40 about stamina. 

Lately my breakfast has been a little unconventional.  Typically (at least in the blogosphere) you will find that people consume high amounts of oats and smoothies for breakfast.

I like oatmeal most days, but the days have to be cold.  Here in North Carolina it just hasn't gotten cold enough for me to remotely crave oats (and I am not down with oats in a jar).

So for me I like to have several sticks of celery with a small schmear of peanut butter followed by a glass cup of water.

For snack I have been enjoying the, now in season, pear which are so soft and sweet...followed by another cup of water.

Lunch really depends on the mood.  It might be leftovers or it might be that my wonderful husband has taken me out to lunch...YEAH!  We went to Moe's and I got a burrito with tofu, seriously how exciting is it to see tofu at a semi-fast food restaurant?  Well if you are me super exciting.

I forgot to take my camera so this pic which I snagged from Google Images, is going to have to do.  I had the Joey Bag of Donuts with tofu, black beans, rice, lettuce, corn, and jalapenos (the spice was kickin). 

Accompanying my burrito was a cup of water (you will notice a theme throughout).

For dinner we had butternut squash soup. 

I was very timid when it came to trying this out as I generally do not like creamy soups, but since my wonderful husband wanted it I made it with some cornbread on the side and a cup of water to drink.

As I don't want to bog down this voyeuristic show into my eats with recipes I will provide the soup and cornbread recipe tomorrow so to keep with the true spirit of WIAW.

I hope you enjoyed my eats, I want you will come back tomorrow for my recipes, and I hope you will head over to Peas and Crayons and see what everyone else had to eat.  Inspiration is everywhere.

So what did you eat that you would like to share?

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  1. Ooooh that burrito looks good!!
    Love that they are offering tofu as an option now!
    Love butternut squash soup and cornbread =)

  2. Have I missed something... what's with all this water drinking? Where the coffee? Are you on some sort of detox??? Gosh, you're putting me to shame ;)
    That could be the most unusual breakfast I've ever seen! Celery is one of my most favourite eats.. but I'm not sure I could have it for my breakfast!
    Is oatmeal what we Brits call 'porridge'? I'm a big fan of porridge but I do prefer it when the weather gets cooler. In warm weather, I love making bowls of muesli using different grains, nuts, seeds, etc.
    Great burrito! I've seriously got to start making these at home again.
    Happy WIAW Rachel! xx

  3. Your breakfast looks so sad :( As long as you aren't going hungry over there! The cornbread looks great, can't wait to see the recipe.

  4. I usually have a Bartlett pair each day of the fall...they are SO wonderful this time of year. Good job on the breakfast...I need to up my protein as I typically have whole wheat bread and tea. Looking forward to your recipes :)

  5. It's not too early for me to eat oatmeal! I've been chowing down on it quite frequently!

    Love always,

  6. It's funny - I like oats, but it's strictly my taste buds that rule whether or not I eat them rather than the weather (which is MUCH more sensible).

    I really, really liked your breakfast...I believe I'll be trying that very soon!

  7. Oatmeals are for days when I'm not too lazy!! Most of the time I'd just have cereal & milk! :D
    ps. that's a very cute cup!

  8. We've been having a lot of pears too! I love that they're in season now.

  9. I Love Moe's!! My favorite is the Art Vandelay with black beans. My new favorite is theire tofu rice bowl. So Good!