Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday to One and All

Well it is Friday and can you believe that the month of September is almost over?

My kids have been in school for a month and everything seems to be back to normal and schedules have fallen into place.  Life is good!

You know what makes life even better???  Gifts.

I am definitely a person who enjoys giving to others.  When there is a charitable opportunity available I like to do what I can.

A couple of weeks ago Angie at Big Bears Wife put up a post (here) for a raffle in support of Light the Night.

Light the Night is a walk where participants raise money for reseach and services for those who have been diagnosed with leukemia & lymphoma.

A fantastic cause as I am friends with a girl (who is now a teenager) but had hodgkin's when she was just 3 (we love you Katie!!).

I supported Angie's group and was actually a winner in her raffle of two prizes...AWESOME right (although I don't participate to win prizes).

The two items I won were a hand painted wine glass by Renee (Kudos Kitchen by Renee)

And this gorgeous apron by Debbie from The Hip Hostess:

Angie's goal is to raise $1000.  Her group isn't there yet and I would like to help get the word out and hopefully help her raise some more money.  If you would like to help Angie reach her goal you can go here and make a donation. 

If you do make a donation come back here and comment as I will be choosing one lucky commenter to receive the wine glass.  The glass is gorgeous and able to handle whatever libation you might choose to fill it with.  I will include a few bars of chocolate to go with the wine glass because I think those two items go together beautifully (you can tell me if you like dark, milk, or white).

Now there is a monetary goal the group is trying to reach so for every $1 you donate your name will be eligible to be drawn (i.e. $20=20 chances).

I hope you all are feeling generous as I will be keeping this opportunity open until next Friday September 30th when I will use to pick the winner. 


  1. Thank you so much for doing this for our team and for Light the Night! You are amazing!

  2. Hey, Babe.

    This is great! Katie is doing so great now, but she had leukemia. Of course, cancer's cancer, unfortunately. Love you!

    Love always,