Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is day in which we are reminded to tell people we love them (if you have a second Google has a super cute video).

Valentine's Day was first romanticized by Geoffrey Chaucer back in the high middle ages (so says Wikipedia).

However it is more than just telling your spouse/significant other and children you love them, be sure to think beyond the immediate family and branch out to friends and co-workers. 

You can show them that you care by doing something nice for them or bringing in a nice little treat for everyone to share.  For example the man at the top of the totem pole in my office brought in cupcakes for everyone (homemade by his wife...we know most men have difficulty baking).

This morning I spent a laborious amount of time preparing lunches for my boys today (I will share the cuteness tomorrow) and making sure that things were red and/or heart shaped.

I don't know if they care one way or another, but I hope they enjoy the extra prep work (even if just a little bit).

To show my love for you, my readers, I am giving you a giveaway.

I promised when I reached 100 followers of my site I would host a giveaway...I am a little late as I am now at 111, however let's not by picky.

In honor of Valentine's Day I would like to give one of you a subscription to one of the magazine's below:

If an international reader wins I will fix you up a little care package.

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below (anything will do just leave me some love!!).  The giveaway will be open only today and I will post the winner tomorrow.

For extra entries you can:

  1. Tweet the giveaway (please be sure to include @rachelkyle0402) and comment that you did.  A sample would be "I want some Valentine's Day love @rachelkyle0402" and be sure to link to this post.
  2. Post on your Facebook status and comment that you did (be sure to include the link).
As if one giveaway isn't enough I have another giveaway going on for 5 bags of Food Should Taste Good chips here.

Be sure to enter both the more the merrier.

I hope you have a wonderful and happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I hope you're having a wonderful Valentines Day Rachel! I'm feeling the need to share love today too, and am giving away some of the raw chocolate coconut cups that I made today :) Make sure you enter.
    Yours is such a thoughtful, generous giveaway. I'll make sure I tweet about it now xx

  2. I've tweeted it :)
    Time to head off to my 4 hour study class on Karma now. It's been a very surreal day, lovely but absolutely no chance of romance :( We hoping to put that right next week! Hope you have a great evening with your hubbie xx

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  4. Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines. I would be so excited if I won!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, and congrats on 100 (/111!) followers!

  6. I love Real Simple! Even if I don't win a thing, I just want to tell you that I love you and love your precious children. I hope they liked the little chocolates I made for them!

    Love always,