Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cleanse Day 2

To keep myself accountable for my cleanse I am hoping to blog each day and journal how things are going.

So just to recap I have started a cleanse and am following the 21 day program designed by Dr Alejandro Junger in his book Clean.

Day 2 of the Elimination Diet went well.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water, but as that can get boring it is good to have a back up plan.

For me that is hot tea (although it is a bit more difficult to drink in 77 degree weather).

Anywho the tea I picked up was Green Tea Kombucha from Yogi.

It is completely delicious and really quite filling.

I am still not suffering from hunger.  In fact I told Kyle last night that I felt I was listening to my body and realizing that most of the time I am not actually hungry that it is just a feeling I have (possibly from boredom).

I don't think I describe that well, but I have found that I don't really need that much to make it through the day.

I still feel good and full of energy. 

In fact I went to the Y and lifted as well as did a little light cardio for about an hour.

Avoiding constipation while on the cleanse is of utmost importance as that is one of the primary channels for expelling the toxins you've built up.

Dr. Junger suggests a number of things to make sure that you stay regular while on the cleanse such as:

  • 2 Tbsp of olive oil at night
  • Natural Calm (a magnesium supplement)
  • Fiber
  • colon hydrotherapy
  • exercise
  • drink plenty of water
You get the idea. 

Well to make sure that I stay ahead of the curve I went ahead and chose the least invasive and bought some Triple Fiber from Earth Fare (my local natural grocer) and have to say it doesn't taste all that good.

But I wasn't expecting it to. 

It did make me a little bit nervous when it said on the label it could cause choking.

I thought holy cow will this end up killing me?

To my families displeasure pleasure I am still alive and well.

The one bit of advice I do have for you is that when it says combine 1 scoop with 8 ounces of that. 

Don't get creative and try to drink it with more water (it only prolongs the experience as I speak from personal experience).

You do need to drink it quickly after mixing so that the mixture doesn't thicken.

I won't gross you out with any further details, but sufficed to say I feel fine.

Well I think on that note I will leave you for today. :)

I hope you have a glorious weekend.

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors!


  1. Wow, I am impressed. I don't think I would go for that.

  2. Go day two!! I went and devoured my green generation- such great material and coaching on getting through a cleanse. I'm debating a Monday start...per your inspiration and think I might follow Kathy Freston' time around Clean!

  3. I've been told that ground flax in a glass of water can also have a laxative effect. Could be a more pleasant option to the triple fiber. Even the name of that stuff scares me!