Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gift Baskets Guest Post

So, let’s face it: we are all busy. 

We make breakfast, put in another load of laundry, get kids to school, go to work, and multi-task (e-mailing while on the phone while writing to-do lists while thinking of how everything else we have to do is going to get accomplished).

Our day is consumed. 

And amid our crowded to-do lists and busy, hectic lives, we can lose sight of what’s important. 

It’s not to say that we don’t care about friends and family, but when you’re going 100 miles a minute, birthdays and anniversaries can slip into the background.

And even when we are clever enough to remember these occasions, who’s to say that we can afford the appropriate gift – let alone know what the appropriate gift is. 

I was never really one for gift baskets when I was younger.

There I said it.

But, over time, it dawned on me that they’re kind of a perfect gift. 

They’re ordered and delivered, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling a date with the person of honor – when you see them - and the gift is practical. 

A basket itself has tons of uses: for children on Easter, for napkins at parties, for books on a bedside table, for shoes, for, well, just about anything. 

And you can customize the gift basket any way you wish.  So, if you know the friend, it’s much easier than physically going somewhere, trying to remember all their favorite things. Running from store to store comparing prices: time consuming and annoying.  Shopping online: click, click - easy. And the sites that specialize in gift baskets give you all sorts of ideas, making it easy to find something awesome for someone you may not know all that well, or have lost touch with.

So instead of trying to squeeze in a trip to the mall on your lunch break, try just going online while you actually eat your lunch (for once) and peruse thousands of personalized baskets in all different price ranges. 

The recipient will be glad that you’ve taken the time to think of them, and that you’re not getting them another bottle of super market vino on your way home.

About the author; Trudy Abood is the VP of, one of the top suppliers of quality gift baskets. She is a mom of 2 boys, one of which founded GGB and the other is also VP at the company. She formally owned Chalifour's Flowers in Manchester, NH; the largest flower shop in the state.


  1. I love gift baskets, but I actually like making them myself. It is really thoughtful and shows you truly care and know the person.

  2. I really like the variety involved and often times they contain items you'd never splurge on for yourself. I say, great idea!