Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cleanse

So I decided this year for Lent (and my general health) that I would complete a cleanse.

Are you making a face?  Because all of my family members have made a face when I announced this.

It's ok.  I promise it won't be weird and in the end I think I will have learned a lot.

My motivation came from two wonderful bloggers Laura of Sprint 2 The Table and Melinda of One Green Generation.

I have read along while Laura has gone through two cleanses and was struck by her ability to stick to it and to find plenty of enjoyable things to eat.

As for Melinda she completed the same 21 day program and blogged about it, starting with day 1 here.  I read all of her posts and have taken her advice in prepping for my own journey.

The program I am following is from Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger

The book gives you Dr. Junger's background (spoiler alert...he is a cardiologist) and his own journey to a cleaner lifestyle.  There are stories about some of the people he has helped, as well as a wealth of information as to why cleaning your internal system can affect everything about you (in a positive way).

Wednesday February 22nd was Day 1 of what is termed the "Elimination Diet."

To prep for it I had a body wrap on Tuesday to help speed my bodies elimination of toxins and I was sure to drink plenty of water.

The purpose of this diet phase is to pull yourself off of caffeine, sugar, and wheat (main allergy causing ingredients).

You are supposed to eat only from the Elimination Diet foods.

So what did I eat?

For breakfast I had a delicious Cinnamon Roll Smoothie...seriously it was like drinking a roll.  I promise it is WAY more appetizing than it looks.

Lunch was eaten at my favorite grocer, Earth Fare, where I had a plate of greens (spring mix, kale, spinach, broccoli, and sprouts) with a side of spinach hummus as well as regular hummus and a few chunks of pineapple.  To drink, a new love of mine, kombucha (cherry flavor).

Dinner was a serving of brown rice spaghetti topped with artichokes, olive oil, and some nutritional yeast (no picture, but it was really all that pretty).

All through out the day I drank a bunch of water and probably had to pee every hour, which is recommended by Dr. Junger.  I got a little tired of getting up so much...but it is all for a good cause.

As for any potential negative side effects...none.  I wasn't hungry and I didn't get any headaches.

I felt really good and am excited to start day 2 as I have already dropped 1 lbs (155 yesterday morning to 154 this morning).

This isn't about weight loss, although I need to drop some weight, but I am hoping to eliminate many years worth of toxic build up in my system and become a more energetic and youthful 34 year old mom and wife.

I intend to blog about my cleanse partly to keep myself accountable and to share the experience, but I will also have recipes and food (that I am not eating but the family is) so that I can continue to write about what I love...FOOD.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day and just want to know have you ever completed a cleanse?  If so do you have any advice?


  1. Great tip! Toast to healthy living :)

  2. This sounds very inspiring, Rachel! I love the smoothie idea :)

  3. I am so happy you are blogging this. I did a cleanse right before Thanksgiving and had looked online for some relatable posts, but didn't come up with any. I would like to do another one coming up soon- as I phase into spring and you've shared some great resources and inspiration..and the word: YUM!

  4. Congrats on starting the cleanse! It's such a great practice - I have 3 days left on mine and I'm a little sad it's ending.

    Thanks for the shout out. :)

  5. I have been wanting to do a cleanse! You are very inspring and I look forward to reading more!

  6. How cool! I am certainly intrigued now...

  7. When I hear the word 'cleanse' I think of nothing but honey water, this diet sounds very good and nutritious. Keep us informed on how it's going. I bet you feel great.

  8. I've finally found time to sit down with a cuppa and read through my lovely foodie friends' blogs :) I'm looking forward to reading how you've got on this past week with your 'cleanse'. I hope it's being going well!
    I've never done a short term 'cleanse' myself. Instead, I've been trying to gradually make changes to our family's eating habits so that we're eating natural, healthy, 'clean', non toxic foods as much as possible. For the past year, on our plant-based diet, we've never felt so good. We have bundles of energy and, touch wood, have been free from illness. I also quit alcohol 3 years ago and this made a huge difference to how I feel. I used to binge drink and this did make me feel very toxic. I feel like a totally new person now!