Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIAW Valentine's Day

Happy What I Ate Wednesday Friends!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day even, if like our host Jenn, you aren't completely into the holiday.

I have to say that I was pretty amazed how many times the guys at work said "Happy Valentine's Day" to me. I really figured it would pass most of them right by. I suppose I should give them more credit :)

Today I want to show you what yesterday's eats entailed for my children.

I will warn you though there is a copious amount of pink and hearts...what can I say I love my kids.

For breakfast we started off with heart shaped pink pancakes:

I topped Caroline's with powdered sugar (pictured above) but the boys opted for Nutella (and ate them before they could be photographed).

For lunch:

A PB&J cut into a heart shape, veggie straws, a fruit leather (pomegranate from Target...and they are organic), as well as homemade apple-pear sauce (sweetened with cinnamon).

And last but not least:

An iced vegan sugar cookie topped with crushed freeze dried strawberries (completely delicious and thank you Celeste for giving me the idea). 

For dinner:

A Field Roast mild Italian sausage on toast with mustard.  I topped it with homemade brussel sprout slaw and had a side of jalapeno Food Should Taste Good chips. 

I LOVE Field Roast and was completely in love with all elements of this meal.

So what did you have for Valentine's Day?

Be sure to hop over to Jenn's, at Peas and Crayons, and see what other bloggers had this week.  Your mouth may water, but I promise you won't be sorry.

Two quick announcements:
  1. Yesterday day I ran a one day giveaway to give a little love to my readers.  The winner is Jess from Floptimism.
  2. Also I have a Food Should Taste Good chip giveaway running through tonight.  You too could win some yummy chips just like my jalapeno ones I had for dinner.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Crushing dried strawberries sounds like such a great idea. I actually just ate a leftover Valentine's Day cookie that might just have had that as a topping.
    And you are so adorable for going all out for your kids. I hope they enjoyed it.

  2. Cute heart shaped everything!

  3. Oh, you are such a sweet mom! I hope I remember to do stuff like this when my daughter is old enough to appreciate it. Great food and great post.

  4. I love how there are little hearts everywhere. How cute is that!

  5. Crushed freeze dried strawberries - what a great idea!

  6. Ok, after reading this I am definitely stepping it up next year. I love all the hearts and cuteness of it all, good job.

  7. So cute! I love hearts, and it sounds like you had a very love-filled day. Thank you for sharing...and thank you for visiting my blog. It brightens my day to hear from you! Hugs and love from Austin.

  8. Fun day! I'm finding Valentine's day so much more fun with kids... we did a few heart-shaped foods as well. :)

  9. So much love in your Valentine's Day meals! Your children are so lucky to have you as their mom :)

  10. What a beautiful way to celebrate the day :)
    From what I've been reading on the blogs, it sounds like Valentine's Day works differently in the US. Here, it tends to be a celebration for couples, or an opportunity to send an anonymous card to someone you fancy. I much prefer the idea of sharing the love between families, children, coworkers and so forth, which you guys seem to do. That's far more inclusive! Next year, I definitely want to celebrate the day 'US style'!

  11. p.s. Congratulations to Jess. That's one amazing giveaway she's won! :)

  12. Very sweet! I love how you incorporated the heart theme throughout your meals.