Friday, February 1, 2013

January Vegan Food Swap

Well due to a few technical difficulties (mostly operator error) I am a day late in posting what I received as part of the Vegan Food Swap.

First things first though.  The swap is coordinated by Cat over at The Verdant Life.  You are asked to spend up to $20 on your recipient and include a hand written note (a lost art for sure).

This month I was paired up with Shannon of Gingery Snips and Snaps.

I opened my box and was stunned.  Look at all the goodies:

vegan candy bars

Vega and chocolate chip cookies

Vega is my go to protein powder, so I am always glad to get some of that.  As for the rest of the items I have never tried them before.

I was very excited to get the Primal strips.  I look at them every time I am in Whole Foods, but just haven't brought myself to try them.  Shannon gifted me with teriyaki and hot & spicy.

The chocolate chip cookies were made from Mama Pea's recipe in Peas and Thank You.

I have never heard of Journey bars but I am excited to try them...just not sure if I should go with barbeque or   pizza.  What are your thoughts on it?

The 3 that I will save till the end are the candy bars (Jokerz, Mahalo, and Angell).  When I feel like I need a treat I will break into one of these.

Shannon thank you so very much for an awesome box, it was jam packed with things I have really been wanting to try.

So after seeing this awesome box do you want to be part of the action?

There is still time to sign up for February's swap (deadline is Tuesday the 5th).


  1. I've tried that Vega protein powder, I think I liked it more than my husband and he's the one who uses it the most. It's like Christmas every month huh, fun. My girls & I ate the last of the gingerbread biscotti last night. It's time for me to get in the kitchen and replenish our supply.

  2. Glad you enjoyed! I got myself a chai flavored vega as well - but it's green!?!? :D Those Journey bars are okay - they're definitely odd. A little dry and crumbly but nothing stopping me from eating them again. I love the primal strips because they're so low calorie but full of protein and tide me over when I'm hungry. And of course the chocolate bars are great any time.

  3. I love these swapping, gifing, fun things/favorite things!!! So fun. Never tried any of it. But, I'm interested in the Vega protein powder. Hope you are having a great weekend. xoxox


  4. What a fantastic gift package! I love the sounds of those savory treats.
    Have a wonderful weekend Rachel xx

  5. I love Primal!! Interested to hear what you think of the Journey bars... I've heard mixed reviews.

  6. Those candy bars are like crack. Beware. They are veganified versions of Milky Way, Almond Joy, etc. :)