Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinterest in the Raw

Last Friday I was overcome with chocolate.

I feel a little guilty about the copious amounts displayed...ssssssooooooo this week

I decided I would show a healthier version of my Pinterest loves.

I am very intrigued by raw food. 

I have only attempted one raw dessert and it was from Natalia KW's book Cupcake Heaven.

They were quite tasty, but for whatever reason I have not gone back to raw. 

So I am feeling inspired and hopefully I will actually make some of these glorious foods:

Have you tried any raw food?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if you need some resources on raw food check out Gena (pronounced Jenna) over at Choosing Raw...such a wealth of knowledge.


  1. I love raw food, but unfortunately it tends to include a LOT of dates or nuts, which are too high in sugar/fats for me to have a ton of on my competition diet. Boo hiss.

  2. I eat tons of fruit and raw veggies and nuts are a staple for me for sure, but I could never give up hot food. We eat soups and bread all winter, and I live in California!

  3. I love raw desserts because they tend to be super healthy and quick to make. I'm not a great baker, so raw desserts suit me perfectly.
    I love all your pins as usual! I've seen lots of wonderful raw food recipes on Gena's site and, one day, I'll actually get round to trying them.
    Have a great weekend Rachel xx

  4. My taste buds are still not there yet for raw desserts.

    Love always,