Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Pinterest Cravings

Today is Friday...WOOHOO!

I have had some delicious vegan food this week, and I really haven't had much in the way of dessert.

I have a serious craving today for chocolate.

I know you get it too.

To help sate that feeling I pinned several vegan delights via Pinterest and wanted to share them with you today:

I now sufficiently have a tooth ache and feel a bit of sugar overload...but sometimes it is worth it.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I am looking forward to heading to the farmers market to see what great finds I can come upon.

What are you cooking/baking this weekend?


  1. I am actually having friends for dinner on Sunday and am doing a simple green salad with grilled chicken and homemade bread. I haven't decided on the dessert yet but I definitely want a crowd pleaser.

  2. My boyfriend's birthday is next week when I have to go out of town for a business trip, so we're celebrating with my family tomorrow night with turkey and bean chili, fresh baked bread, and a mocha brownie ice cream cake for dessert (which my dad plans to top with MORE ice cream because, he says, that is what men do).

  3. I had a homemade baked goods craving too today- pear, white chocolate oat scones...there has to to a better/shorter name- LOL! Happy weekend! <3

  4. I'm such a Pinterest junkie. I'm making desserts for a baby shower this weekend and I've been pinning deliciously bad for you food like a crazy person.

  5. Wow these look amazing. I have got to learn how to use pintrest. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love these pins! I'm making apple pies for a friend's birthday (very much inspired by your vegan ones earlier this month!)

  7. Now you got me crave chocolate... Thanks, Rachel ;) Yummy collection! xoxo

  8. I always have a serious craving for chocolate! ;) All of these recipes look delicious!