Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bean - Restaurant Review

Last week I went to Charlotte, NC for a 3 day class in Uptown Charlotte (I think they call it that to be pretentious).

Anyway downtown was lovely and had some vegan options for me...however I do like to branch out when I am in a different city and sample from local restaurants.

While in town I tried Bean Vegan Cuisine.

If you happen to go please do not be discouraged by the outside (it looks a bit like an 80's pizza joint), it could use a little renovation to bring it a fresh new look.

However the outside aside the food was delicious.

I tried their BBQ tofu sandwich with sides of potato salad and fruit salad.

I didn't actually get to eat the fruit salad with dinner (no worries I saved it for breakfast) because I wanted to save room for the carrot cake cupcake.

The sandwich was perfect.  The tofu strips were crunchy and I actually thought for half a second that they might actually be chicken (upon further inspection I realized they were not).

The BBQ sauce was a little sweet and wasn't added in such copious amounts that all you tasted was sauce.

The veggies to go on top were fresh and crisp making for a delicious sandwich.

The potato salad though left something to be desired.

It was a bit watery and lacked flavor (a pinch of salt may have helped). 

I didn't enjoy it so I didn't bother to finish it.

The perfect end to the meal though was the cupcake.

A perfectly spiced cake with delicious buttercream on top...mmm scrumptious.

When you are someplace new do you go to a local restaurant or do you stick to your favorite chains?

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  1. Always local!! The food does not taste as good at chains! We even try to go local....locally!


  2. Rachel, thank you so much for the kind words! PS..that delicious cupcake also just happens to be gluten free!
    Come back and see us some time!!!
    Charlie, Roy and the BEAN team!

  3. I stick to the chains unless I have good suggestions from people. But really I rarely eat out so when I do I want to know somethings going to be good.

  4. That doesn't look like any tofu I've ever seen!!! It looks delicious!!! The potato salad...not so much. My grandmother makes a REALLY good one so it's kind of turned me into a potato salad snob. :o)

    When we are in our own town, we stick to places me know (not normally chain restaurants though) and when we are in new places, we ALWAYS try to search out places that are unique to the area. Urbanspoon (an iphone app) is pretty helpful with that when you're in unfamiliar territory! We've found some great places to eat with that thing!

  5. I love trying out new restaurants. I do always gravitate towards the Indian/Thai/Nepalese restaurants though as I know they'll have lots of vegan options.
    When en route to a new city, I love to send a tweet out asking for recommendations for great vegan places to eat. So much quicker than searching on the Internet or trawling the streets peering at menus in windows!

  6. I always love finding new restaurants when I go someplace new, and maybe do it a bit obsessively (yelp, trip advisor reviews, etc). So cool that you were able to find an awesome vegan restaurant too. Everything looks amazing. I am tempted to re-create the bbq tofu sandwich, what a great idea!