Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moms Crazy Cooking -- Fudge

Hello to one and all this is my first time participating in Mom's Crazy Cooking Challenge, hosted by Tina, and I am super excited to present my first results to you.

This month we were asked to find a fudge recipe from a fellow blogger and post it.

For me the obvious choice was Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie (I think her blog name says it all).

She makes wonderful, healthy, treats.

Her Naughty Girl Vegan Fudge recipe, found here, could not have been more simple.

It is raw (which I am dabbling in) and vegan (love the no dairy), plus with "naughty" in the recipe title I was hooked.

Now before you decide to stop reading I think you should give the recipe and the end result a quick look.

I promise this fudge is just as moist and smooth as the kind you would cook on the stove.

The end result:

The kids all tried it, but Andrew wanted his picture taken while consuming:

It is safe to say he very much enjoyed it

And here is a little bite for you, please just don't bit my fingers.



  1. How can anyone pass the delicious fudge! Your children are lucky to eat homemade fudge. I am not much of a baker so my kids are totally deprived of homemade sweets. Good part is that they don't eat much sugar but they are missing the whole experience... I should bake more often!

  2. Wow what a beautiful gallery of fudge! I feel like I've entered fudge heaven lol!
    I must try to make some of CCK's fudge. All the vegan fudge I've made so far has never been quite right. Maybe this one will be a winner!

  3. Great recipe for the Crazy Cooking Challenge, it is fun cooking with you!
    Miz Helen

  4. Looks delicious Rachel! And it looks like your son sure enjoyed it!

  5. Awww this post made me smile SO much!

    Andrew is absolutely adorable!!

  6. o wow! looks amazing!!

  7. So much fudge! Did you really like her (somewhat) healthier version? I've been eyeing it, but am unsure that fudge should be health-ified. LOL!

  8. @Nami | Just One Cookbook
    Luckily this doesn't take much the healthy ingredients let you feel good about offering it to your kids :)

  9. @Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table It has a very fudge consistency, there is a hint of banana, but quite good. It makes a nice small batch too.

  10. It's a great looking fudge! Yum!

  11. It's great that you could find a fudge recipe for "alternative" eating. Good job!