Friday, December 23, 2011

Hop on Over to My House

Can I tell you what joy it is to have a package waiting on your front porch when you get home?

Seriously I love getting mail and boxes.

This week I got this box on front porch:

You can't see it but I did a little dance (scarred the neighbors a little) and tore into it to see what the goodies were.

Do you like what you see?

Me too :)

This is Lollihop.

Lollihop is a subscription service which, monthly, delivers to your door a box of treats.

These aren't just any treats they are healthy and organic.

The subscriptions start at $18.95 a month (what better last minute gift than this as Christmas is only 2 days away).

The items in the box are hand curated by nutritionists, who ensure the healthy quality and then taste test to make sure customers will be satisfied.

This is a great way to be exposed to new foods and sample something before you consider buying a full size version.

The selections change monthly, but just look what December had in store:

I lost the Larabar to my daughter who loves a "bar" and the Pop Corners were snatched by my oldest son who, at 9, is a snacking machine.

I was super pleased with the selections and variety (plenty of salty and sweet).

I don't know if I would buy the subscription for myself I think I would have more joy giving it to a friend and letting them see how good healthy food can be...afterall I do so want to help bring people into a healthier way of life.

Would you like to try Lollihop?  What sort of foods would you want in your box if you got one?


  1. Perfect to balance out all the JUNK I've been eating!!! I love a fun package, too :) Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, my friend!