Friday, August 19, 2011

Serenity Now

Like the episode of Seinfeld when George is screaming "Serenity Now" that is how I feel today...I am searching for some serenity.

It is one of those days where I just have had a lot of work on me.

Where I have felt a little overwhelmed and just wanted to run away from it all.

When I get stressed like this my mind always wanders to vacation...where would I like to go next?

Somewhere sunny is 9 times out of 10 at the top of my list.  I love the beach and warm weather.  We all know that the vitamin D you get from the sun improves your mood, so maybe that is why I like the warm weather (my body just knows I need it).

So today instead of a recipe I've got some pictures of great locations.  So sit back and enjoy (crack open a Corona if that will help you get in the mood).

Oooops I don't know how those last two got in there :)


  1. Your post made me smile. Wish you some serenity! Now.

  2. I felt the same way yesterday! These pictures definitely have a positive effect on my mood:-)

  3. I'll go to any of these locations, just as long as Ryan Reynolds goes with me! *L*

    Love always,

  4. the weather has finally been HOT these past couple days here and so i took full advantage by spending every second i could out there...only to come in now with a bit of a sun burn eeek. ahh but i know exactly what you mean about needing some PARADISE <3


  5. Thanks for taking me on a little journey! We all have those days where some serenity is needed.

  6. i LOVE the restaurant in the water!! i'd love to be sitting there NOW!!! xoxo, dixie

  7. There is something about pictures of clear blue waters that always makes me want to sit on the beach with a margarita and lay out in the sun haha Anyways, wishing you some serenity!

  8. I want to go to all of these places!!!