Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marbles and Yogurt

This weekend my husband needed a little break.

He had had a stressful week at work and just needed some peace and quiet in the house.

So I packed up the kids and we headed to Raleigh where we went to the Marbles Kids Museum.

Their philosophy, or PLAY-losophy, is:

  • We believe in the power of play to contribute to intellectual growth, social and emotional well-being and physical development.
  • We believe in the power of play to help develop 21st century workers who are able to solve problems, apply ideas, create, innovate, communicate and connect with others.
  •  We believe in the power of play to unite communities around the critical importance of the childhood experience.
  • We believe in the power of play to strengthen families

Here are a few shots of the fun

There was so much to do and see that we actually didn't make it all the way through the museum...I guess we'll have to go back.

No trip would be complete without at least peeking in the gift shop...how lucky that I saw this little gem. 

Super cute I just couldn't resist snapping a photo.

We returned home from our adventures and shared the love with dad, who felt much better now.

As a way to celebrate we thought how about a frozen treat with a topping bar...can I get an AMEN!

A new frozen yogurt shop has opened called Yoforia

Yoforia uses organic milk and yogurt (by Stonyfield) to craft their flavors, there were 8 delicious ones available:

Dark Chocolate
Vanilla Bean
Ferrero Rocher
Cookies N Cream

You self serve the yogurt (and pay by the ounce).  The kids loved the opportunity to mix up some yogurt and select a variety of toppings (from cookies to strawberries).

All in all a good time was had by all and I think I've found a new favorite place to take the kids for a treat.

Yoforia on Urbanspoon

I realize that I am SUPER far behind on my Operation Declutter My House...so let me catch you up on what has left the building







I would like to include that My Life as a Mrs has a post today about a beautiful little girl named Harper.  The family is going through some troubled times.  If you can find it in your heart to help go here :) 
God Bless!


  1. I love yogurt and will have to try it out. thanks for sharing

  2. OMG is that a ninja gingerbread cookie cutter??? Lil' L would so love that!!!

  3. How much fun is that! I love Yogurt, so I know I'd love yoforia! :)