Monday, June 20, 2011

It's my first time

Yep you are all witnessing it and I am not embarassed in the least...this is my first time, for blogging that is.

Today I am stepping into the blogging world and sharing stories about my family, my food, and the fun I have with both.

I am Rachel and a mother of three beautiful children.  I have 2 boys, ages 8 and 4 and 1 girl, age 2.  Let me just say that the 2 year old runs the house and she makes sure everyone knows it.  We have taken great steps this summer in the boys getting along better and even enjoying sharing a room (their choice not mine).  My baby girl is potty training, which includes plenty of laundry, but oh the independence it will reap (sorry Pampers and Seventh Generation, but I will stop funding your retirements soon).

I take great pleasure in learning about ways to keep my family healthy.  I have spent countless hours reading two blogs in particular Peas and Thank You as well as Daily Garnish.  Those women are AWESOME and have provided me with tons of inspiration to not only start this blog but to prepare healthier meals for my family.

About 3 months back I decided I was going to go vegetarian.  I had no idea that my whole family would follow suit...sort of.  Typically our house has meatless meals and often has vegan baked goods available.  I have made the step to vegan as I just feel healthier eliminating all animal products, and frankly I have really come to love tempeh.

One thing to know about me is that I can often ramble...pretty sure it annoys my husband and that he will be thankful I am rambling on to you (in cyber space) instead of him in his lazy boy chair.

I hope that I will entertain, encourage, and provide ample education to those who read this blog.  PLUS I would love all constructive feedback...we all have room for improvement.

Until next time.


  1. It looks wonderful, Rachel, and your kids are adorable! I'm so glad to have inspired you and am humbled by your kindness. I can't wait to read your blogging journey!

    Mama Pea

  2. Thanks Rachel! Your blog looks great. :) So happy to hear your family has followed your vegetarian lead.

  3. Hopefully I can get the comment to go tonight! I love the blog. Can't wait to see a mention of your amazing mom (*winks*) who gave up red meat long ago! The rest is a work in progress for me. And I have to say, if Mama Pea likes your blog, it's FINE with me!

    Love you!

  4. Welcome to the blogging world. I hope you love it as I do. So fun!

  5. Awww, what sweet kids! Welcome to the world of blogging. :)

  6. I'm glad you friend requested me, as now I have gotten to read this amazing blog and can proudly say that I have read it from the beginning ;) As a health-nut, vegetarian, I'm sending positive thoughts your way on this new (-ish) vegetarian lifestyle. While you will DEFINITELY have to work harder to get enough vitamins and protein in your diet, that extra effort is rewarded multiple times over in many different ways and actually makes you think about what you are putting into your body and how it is fueling you body, mind, and spirit.