Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obsess much? Not me...

I have to say obsession seems like such a strong word but often can describe the way I behave towards certain things.

Lets start off with a prime example.  I am absolutely in love with sports!  Baseball (Go Phillies) and MMA are tops on my list.  I have to say that as violent as the UFC may seem to be it still is an incredible sport and my obsession lies with one fighter:  Georges St. Pierre

Really what isn't to love about this soft spoken Canadian fighter?  He is by most accounts the best pound for pound fighter and a dominating force in the welterweight division (170 lbs division for those who don't follow the sport).

However my obsessions go past sports and mostly lead me to food and drinks.  In my house we are currently obsessing about Green Machine juice by Naked. 

If you get a little nervous because there is broccoli on the label...don't be this stuff is AMAZING!  I capitalized all the letters for a reason.  Full of nothing but fruit and vegetables you can't get much better.  My 2 year old decided she wanted some juice...so who I am I to deny her.

This is what it looks like when you tell her that she has had enough for today

Then I give in because I can't deny this little cutie much of anything (just ask my husband).  So this is the look I get when I've given her another small cup full.

I know you too would have been just as suckered. 


  1. LOVE IT!!! Didn't know you were a MMA fan - go figure!

  2. Love the pictures of Caroline. She's growing so fast!!! What about pictures of Forrest Griffin or Andre????? :))

  3. Your daughter is adorable! I love naked juice too!

  4. This is awesome Rachel! I too would have never guessed you were an MMA fan. That is one sport I myself cannot watch, although that Canadian is pretty cute :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sorry meant to say the UFC and not MMA. Also love the pics of your daughter...too cute. I may have to try some of those juices.

  6. You know my lips puckered when I saw this post! Love that face SO much!

    Love always,

  7. How cute! I bet you're happy she's enjoying something healthy. The last picture is too cute with the cheeky grin. : ) Thanks for dropping by curry and comfort. I will check into the pad pak dish you were asking about. : )

  8. Pad Pak is currently one of my obsessions so if you have anything I would greatly appreciate it.