Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This post is a day late, I apologize...I like to get the Wrap Up's up on Monday.

Anyway this past weekend was a long one (I love a 3 day weekend) and it included some fun activities.

On Saturday I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k.

There were about 8000 runners, which I thought was a lot of people, taking part in this fun run (it was not timed).

It was so much fun to run through the cornstarch paint and to come home looking like a tye-dyed shirt.

My oldest didn't mind giving me a hug

But my daughter didn't even want me to give her a kiss.
In fact this was as close as she was willing to get to me:

They have already announced that the race is coming back to town next year...so I will be ready when it is time to sign up.  Hopefully I can convince some friends to join me.

Sunday was Easter.  

We have started to not give gifts to the kids.

By that I mean they have no need of toys (we have way more than 3 children can play with). 

So they woke up on Sunday to no Easter baskets but they did have some cards from family members and they each got a small bag of jelly beans.

You know what?  

They were perfectly happy.

People get caught up in consume, consume, consume, and in the end you don't need everything your purchased.

Now I don't mean to go far off track here, but the reason we don't want them to be gifted with tons of stuff is so they realize they can enjoy what they have and we can make sure quality items are purchased (quite often you end up with chintzy plastic stuff that breaks so quickly).

I'll get off my soap box and show you what I did make for the kids:

These are chocolate Easter eggs filled with vegan buttercream.

My paternal grandmother made these every year and they were the highlight of the holiday (now mind you she also put a little bit of money wrapped in plastic in the middle) but they were oh so delicious.

I have such fond memories of these that I wanted to pass this love on to my kids.

Hopefully they will appreciate them.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend what sort of things did you get into?


  1. I've been waiting to see your pictures from that run! I'm so glad you had fun! Too funny that your daughter didn't even want to touch you. :o)

    I like that you don't give the kids gifts every holiday - we don't do that either. It's so much easier to appreciate what you already have when there's less of it. I'm sure they'd much rather have a chocolate easter egg with buttercream frosting anyways. ;o)

  2. Eating a delicious treat AND then finding money inside? That's awesome! Congrats on the race, Emry ran it last summer with a friend and it was such a fun experience, she of course still has all her color stained clothes :)

    I think it's great you're trying to veer away from gifts. I am trying to veer away form candy and put more useful things they need like Emry's new beach towel and the erasers Ethan wanted. Although I think the erasers are more for fun and not so useful, but the point is they didnt' get a lot of candy.

    Hope you and the kiddos are having fun on Spring Break!

  3. That run looks so fun! Good for you. I agree about the gifts. We have accumulated so much stuff. And a lot of the plastic stuff is just junk!

  4. What a fun run! I'm always jealous when I see those paint-splattered shirts. I'll do it...one day! And I completely agree about the unnecessary accumulation. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. As always, inspiring!

  5. THat so ROCKS! And what a sweet Easter treat- cheers!

  6. Oh my gosh that race looks so much FUN!!! I would have loved to have taken part! Rachel, you're looking in such good form at the moment. I'm really pleased that you're enjoying the running. I'm still loving my morning runs out in the countryside. They really set me up for the day and there are so many beautiful things to spot this time of year. I saw my first ducklings this morning :D
    This Sunday I'm going to do a 10k event to raise money for charity. I've only ran that distance once before so it's definitely going to be a challenge. I'm looking forward to it though! :D

  7. p.s. Your home made Easter egg with vegan buttercream sounds delicious! You'll have to post the recipe next year so we can all have a try at making them :D
    We keep Easter simple too. Lil' L had one small egg. His grandparents gave him some money and he spent it on books! He's read them at least 3 times each and also lent them to school friends, so they've had a lot of use already!