Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIAW The Leftovers

Welcome everyone!

So glad you could join the WIAW Wednesday party hosted by the lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons.

Today I want to talk about leftovers.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they must eat leftovers and for me that day is today.

Even my breakfast is partly a leftover.

This delicious berry smoothie has a secret ingredient...left over beet juice.

Yesterday I felt a little drained and thought I would stop in at my local natural food store and get a juice.

I THOUGHT getting one with beets in it would not taste like dirt.

OH how wrong I was.  I could only take a few sips and decided I would put the rest in smoothies this week (no need to waste the stuff).

The orange and slice of pineapple in my smoothie mask the dirt taste pretty well, although I do get hints of it.

For snack:

Some Mary's Gone Crackers (in onion) and The Works from Food Should Taste Good.

To be dipped in my raw hummus:

On to lunch:

Pasta with tempeh crumbles and spinach (this was dinner on Monday).  I like it a lot my kids didn't really care for the spinach (oh well I will just keep putting it in their food and maybe one day they will like it).

For dinner:

Veggie stir-fry with quinoa and topped with Trader Joe's chickenless mandarin bites.

This was dinner last night and it is packed with kale, cabbage, carrots, and yellow bell peppers. 

The Trader Joe bites were very yummy.

I am looking forward to this vegan day of eats.

So what did you eat this week that was good?

Be sure to head over to Jenn's and see what other yummy eats people have been noshing on.

Also be sure to enter my Food Lion giveaway as today is the last day :)


  1. I never buy chicken-less products from morningstar or TJ's, but whenever I see them on blogs I am intrigued. I feel like I assume they will all taste super processed and gross, but maybe I will have to give them a try seeing as the mandarin ones above look really good!

  2. I'm with you on the beets, but putting the juice in a smoothie...with other things is a great idea- get the nutrition without the dirt.

  3. Nice post! Leftovers can be really comforting every once in a while. I just used some leftover chicken from dinner last night to make a quesadilla for lunch today!

  4. I keep trying to give my daughter greens, too. She eats most veggies, but not the green leafy ones. The more "hidden" they are the better, for us!

  5. I always have leftover for lunch, and I think they taste even better! Excited to follow your blog!!

  6. Monday is normally our 'leftover' day where we eat everything left over from the weekend. Often I find the dinners actually taste nicer a day or two after they've been made!
    Your pasta looks absolutely delicious! Such a shame the kiddies aren't liking the spinach yet. Don't give up! I'm sure they'll come round soon. For a long time, I used to blend spinach or cut it into microscopic bits before adding it to Lil' L's pasta. He then didn't even notice he was eating it ;) These days he's much better at eating chunky vegetables, but it's taken nearly 8 years to get there!

  7. I love that you're still rockin' the snowflake cup at the end of March. ;o)

    There are almost never leftovers at our house. Between my husband and my daughter, everything gets eaten right away at every single meal. Waste not, want not! :o)

  8. I honed right in on the pasta. It's like a sickness. I love pasta far too much.