Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I know that when I was an omnivore one of the meals I enjoyed was pancakes (topped with maple syrup) and bacon.

Since assuming a plant based diet, meals like that are a thing of the past...or are they????

I thought they were gone and dead until I found Wayfare's "Pig Out"

These taste just like I remember bacon tasting.  

They are crunchy bits which are good on salads and by the handful for snack...but put them IN my pancakes and it is just like having one of my favorite meals back.

They are hard to see but the confetti you see in the pancakes are the "bacon" bits.

The batter was just a simple pancake batter:

1 C all purpose unbleached flour (I prefer King Arthur)
1 C almond milk (regular or vanilla will work in this)
2 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp oil (I use grapeseed or olive)
1-2 Tbsp Wayfare bacony bits

Cook them up in a skillet and enjoy!

I highly recommend these for a nice leisurely weekend breakfast so you can sit back and enjoy the delicious flavors.

Do you have any combinations that you really enjoy pairing?



  1. put bacon IN your pancakes? Now I totally get having it on the side, maybe even dip it in a little extra syrup, but actually in my pancakes makes me a little skeptical!

  2. What a great idea to put bacon in your pancakes! I LOVE this idea. Now all I want to do is find these little bacon bits and whip up a batch. Thank you for sharing Rachel!

  3. Do I? So many. I've been eating cold raw oats with chia, soy milk and sunflower seeds lately. I am going camping this week and I wanted to see if I'd like that for breakfast. It's really grainy but I love it. I roll my oats myself and they're thick and chewy and in my opinion delicious!

  4. I love the name of those bacon bits (it's so appropriate)! Your pancakes looks really tasty! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us :)
    Years ago I used to use meat substitute products but I stopped when we had Lil' L as he finds any food that looks like meat or has a 'meaty' texture repulsive! I guess that, since he's been vegetarian from birth, he's never developed the taste buds for it.
    One of my current favourite flavour combinations is chocolate & lime. I made another one of those chocolate & lime cashew cream cakes this week (as my birthday cake!) and this time noted down the quantities. Hopefully I'll get round to posting it at the end of the week.
    Hope you're having a great week Rachel! xx

  5. Rachel!!!!! For some reason your posts are not letting me know when they are new? I haven't heard from you in so long! I miss you! I hope you are well and happy. I think you are busy and enjoying your life, which is great. Take care,

    Shauna xoxoxxo

  6. Your Pancakes look Delish.... Excited to dive a little further into your blog!


  7. Very interesting...but honestly, you can't go wrong with adding bacon to almost anything. Our family will be trying this out this weekend for sure.