Friday, April 26, 2013

The Weekend is Here...almost

Happy Friday to one and all!

We have made it through another week and the weekend is almost upon us.

To say I am excited about this is an understatement.

This weekend I am running in a fun event

I am doing my third 5k in a months time and this one is...wait for it...


You really can't beat having a weekend vacation to the beach and pairing it with a fun event like this.

At the finish line you get boas and a tiara to "diva" up your running attire:

I am pretty certain my daughter Caroline is going to want my swag...but I am a sucker for that girl so I will probably give it to her.

I mean after all could you say no to this face?  Yeah  me neither.

I am going to take a page out of Laura's book and pack as much of our food as possible.  That way I know we will be eating healthy and won't have to resort to eating at restaurants that might not be on the "approved" list.

I got some of my prep work done last night be making a loaf of banana bread and sandwich bread (it all just tastes better homemade).  I need to pick out snacks and pack the suitcases and then we should be ready.

What sort of fun do you have planned this weekend?

Does it involve any exercise?  If you are looking for a fun exercise challenge I am participating in a squat challenge without about 100 of my co-workers.

Here is the chart if you would like to give it a try:


  1. Look at you go...three 5ks? That's awesome. Love the squat challenge too! :)

  2. Yah for 5K's and tutu's. I love the photo of your little one, too adorable.

  3. Hi Rachel, another race? you're making me feel bad because I haven't run in forever! :)Just kidding, but now that it's lighter earlier I really have no excuse, things will be changing here shortly because my husband has changed jobs (careers!) and our whole schedule will need to change. Of course I'll do a whole post about it soon.

    Here's hoping Caroline will get some sweet swag!

  4. Yay!!! I hope you have fun! This looks like a really fun one! Who wouldn't want to run in a crown? :o)

    We did a little unintended exercise this weekend - some big rains came through causing flooding in our area. It completely wiped out our driveway, so we spent all of Sunday shoveling gravel. It's Tuesday and I still have trouble lifting my arms. Even just holding a jug of milk is painful!! Talk about a good workout!

  5. Holy cow that is A LOT of squats! Probably would be good prep for childbirth. I heard squats are great for labor! And I can't wait to hear about your run. I hope it was fabulous. It looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing!