Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Love

I am totally stealing this from Shauna (I hope she doesn't mind) and sharing with you something that I love.

What I love....the library.

Since slowly adapting my family to a "consume less" lifestyle we have found a large love of the library.

I have read more books in the last month then I have in the last 5 years (that's a little embarrassing to admit).

Now part of that is I have found more time for reading and have found ways to work it into my schedule.

My kids have enjoyed playing together more and have needed me less.

Now while that was a little disheartening it also has been a pleasure.  I can let them play outside and I can enjoy some sunshine on the deck while being immersed in Alice Steinbach's travels around Europe.

My daughter has really shown a love for our weekend jaunts to the library.  She looks at it almost like shopping.  I allow her to pick out whatever she wants (and as many as she wants for that matter).

Who knew there could be such unbridled passion for picking out books?  She then picks out a new book each night for the next two weeks to read before bed.

I love that my kids enjoy reading more and that they get upset if we can't go to the library (I don't like to make them upset but you get the point).

Anywho the library we go to is beautiful.  It is set in a park and there are walking trails (which we haven't explored yet) and a butterfly meadow.

The entry has a beautifully painted ceiling

The beauty of it really brings the whole package together.  So how about you?  Do you enjoy the library?  Marie, if you read this I know the answer is a resounding "YES" as you had Christmas pictures taken at the library (they were SUPER cute by the way).

Well I hope if you don't visit your local library that maybe this will spur you into visiting.  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. What a beautiful library you have there. Such a lovely woodland setting too! Our library isn't anywhere near as glamorous but it's right in the centre of Bath (above the supermarket!), so very easy to access.
    Like your children, Lil' L loves going to the library and sees it as a "treat". We go on a weekly basis, usually at the weekend. He's going through books at a rate of knots at the moment, so it's a good things we have the library! It's so lovely to see him enjoying reading so much :D
    I feel so fortunate that we have such a fantastic, free resource on our doorstep. We mustn't ever take it for granted! Fortunately, our library is very well used and always buzzing with activity, which is great to see :D

  2. Of course I am reading Rachel!:) Sorry about my lapse into drama-dom, I let a few insincere bloggers get the best of me and let it hurt. There are a handful of blogs I truly love and woman like yourself I admire and will always turn to for inspiration, so thanks for your support.

    Your library sounds fantastic! I am like a kid in a candy store when I enter the library. When the kids were little I would check out 2 cards worth, 60 books!
    But now that they're older and reading chapter books we only get about a dozen.

    Rachel I just want you to know I value our friendship, truly. It was just a matter of weeding out a bunch of people who brought me down and holding on tight to those who truly uplift and inspire me. You should know who you are, well, you do now :) Marie

  3. We only have so many hours in the day and I want to use my time wisely, I am a work in progress as far as filling my life with only those things that make me happy and better. And you do. I have deleted almost 20 blogs that left me feeling not too good. I just lost it one day and thought, I don't have time for this. I am sure they will get the message eventually when I don't respond, they probably could care less. Why didn't I think of this sound approach before I went on my rant? live and learn right?

    Have a great week and happy reading!

  4. What a gorgeous library! It looks enormous. We have a teeny tiny little library, but we go often. I'm not much for paying for books, especially for Lexie since she reads them so quickly, so we are big fans of free reading material! I am hoping our neighborhood library in London carries a good selection. We'll probably have a whole new set of authors to read!

    P.S. I follow Marie's blog as well and remember the library pictures! She's one creative chick!

  5. So pretty! I also rent vids and borrow magazines from my library (and books of course!) Happy almost weekend!

  6. I love our local library here. I use it frequently for myself and also borrow movies to show the kids at church.

    Love always,

  7. What a lovely library! I visit ours often with my kids. They are little reading machines, can't possibly afford to buy them all the books they will read :-)