Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Champions, a Giveaway, and a Winner

At my house sometimes the post man is good to us and brings us packages.

Sometimes the post man is REALLY good to us and brings us a package like this:

Can you see the joy on their faces? 

We promptly moved it to the kitchen table where Andrew decided he could open the box all by himself.

He wasn't successful, but I got out the scissors and freed these little fellas champs:

Chobani was kind enough to gift my children with 6 packs of their Champions in their newest flavors "Orange Vanilla" and "Vanilla Chocolate Chunk."

The chocolate was by far the favorite, however the orange vanilla was just as quickly consumed with granola on top (I think they like having a little texture in their yogurt either from the chocolate chunks or granola).

I snapped a couple of pictures of Andrew and Caroline as they had their first bites (Owen was too shy to participate in the photos, but he sure did participate in the consumption):

They were finger licking good.

Champions are Greek yogurt made especially for children.  Each container has 8 grams of protein in it...a pretty powerful punch in a delicious snack cup.

They also come in: Very Berry and Honey-Nana.

Now I am pretty excited to share that I have been given a chance to share this deliciousness with 2 readers (each of which will win a case of the new Champions).

So would you like to win (I know I ask this a lot, but seriously I just love hosting giveaways)?

To win just use the Rafflecopter Below. The giveaway will be open until Wednesday April 4th. I will announce the winner on Thursday the 5th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would also like to congratulate Ashley who won the $50 Food Lion gift card (I told you I like giving stuff away).

Be sure to keep stopping by as I have at least 2 more giveaways scheduled.  Sounds like you might need to pick up some protein packed Chobani to keep up.

Happy Thursday to you all !!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. We LOVE Greek yogurt. A little too much. :o) I normally buy the Yoplait, but I'm definitely in for trying this one! Thanks for hosting all these giveaways! I get ridiculously excited over food!

  2. Looks like they enjoyed the yogurt. I would enter but not sure we have this brand in Canada.

  3. Confession: I don't have any kids but I still LOVE the Chobani champions line. I haven't tried the orange flavor yet, though.

  4. What I love about them is they aren't as high in sugar as regular yogurts and are in a kid-sized portion.

  5. Your kids are so adorable, Rachel! I can see they love the yogurt :) My Girls are big fans too. Vanilla Chocolate Chunk sounds great to me :)

  6. Yum! My kids love these, we've only tried the honey-nana ones though. The others sounds delicious!!

  7. We buy these for my 3 year old. And I'm not gonna lie, I usually eat one or two out of the pack as well! We have only tried the banana and berry flavors though so we'd love other options!

  8. Andrew and Caroline are such cuties! It must be so much fun for them to test all these freebies that you get sent. They sure do look like they're loving the Chobani yoghurts!

  9. The yogurt sounds good! Love those cute faces! I wish Owen would let you get him in the pictures more often. His face is precious, too! *smiles*

    Love always,

  10. My kids would love this yogurt!!

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com