Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful Weather and a Baby Shower

This weekend was a crazy fun filled weekend.

I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends from college, Kristen.

I invited all of the girls down to NC, we've known each other 17 years, and their husbands as well as children came (20 of us in all).

I feel a little old to say we've known each other 17 years, but I guess I could lie and say we met when we were 7 instead of when we were 17.

Anyway Kristen is having baby #2 and keeping it a surprise so I decided we would have a "diaper" shower for her. 

We gifted her with many boxes of diapers so that the little one will have a nice dry tush.

The weather was gorgeous and a perfect day to enjoy our food and company outdoors.

I served:

mock chicken salad (I don't think anyone little secret)
variety of veggies to top your sandwiches
pineapple and strawberries
fresh veggies
vegan vanilla cake with vegan buttercream and raspberry filling (my cake had a little incident in the center, but it still tasted good)

(For my display I had visions of Amy Atlas, but alas I am just not that creative)

and these delicious cookie:

Can you see the label?

I know my photograph isn't the best for it, but they are from Lauren at Keep It Sweet Desserts.

Lauren is a food blogger who VERY recently has quit her job and has taken up baking for a living.

I asked if I could commission her to make some cookies for my shower and she was very obliging.

She made some of the most delicious double chocolate chip cookies (at least that is what I hear, my guests enjoyed them and I missed a chance at getting one).

And then she made cut meyer lemon sugar cookies in the shape of a bee (for a Mama to Bee theme).

The bee cookies were light with just a hint of lemon and of so delicious.

I believe Caroline had no less than 5 of them, she loved them A LOT Lauren.

So all in all it was a wonderful day and we had some delicious food.

I can't wait till there is another reason to have a party.

What did you do this weekend to enjoy the wonderful weather?


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend, Rachel. :) The dessert table looks beautiful! Love the roses!

  2. Your daughter is beyond precious!!! Also I always give diapers as gifts, you can never have enough, whereas clothes, as precious as they are, you only need so much.

  3. What a fun weekend! Gotta love baby showers :)

  4. Glad it was a success...and you pulled it off vegan no less!
    The flowers are beautiful, the cookies adorable and I'm sure the company delightful.
    Happy Monday!

  5. Looks like a wonderful spread, I bet your friend appreciated it so much! How wonderful that you have remained close for so many years:-)

    Thanks again for ordering and posting about the cookies. I'm thrilled that they were a hit!

  6. What a wonderful weekend... and such an amazing spread that you put on! I don't think I could ever cope with entertaining that amount of people. I quietly panic if we even have another 2 people round to dinner!
    M's parents came to stay with us this weekend. It was Mother's Day here on Sunday, so great to spend time with them. We visited Lacock, an ancient village that has been used as a backdrop for many films, including Harry Potter!
    After the busy weekend, I'm now playing catch up. I'll make sure I'm ready for WIAW tomorrow though!
    Have a great week xx

  7. What an amazing shower! You did such a good job. All of the food looks incredible. And who cares if the cake had an issue in the's the taste that matters! ;o)