Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun Friday Foto #3

Happy Friday everyone!

Just 23 more days till Christmas.

I don't say that to stress you out, just merely to share the joy I have that Christmas is only 23 days away...WOOHOO!

My kids are enjoying this holiday time.

They got to decorate the tree all by themselves

And are now enjoying finding our "Elf on a Shelf" each day.

Have you heard about this cute book and doll

To keep it brief the elf comes to your house to watch your kids for Santa and report back as to how the kids are behaving.

What is fun is that each day the elf is in a new space watching you (Owen, who is 9, has asked to be able to move the elf around...he knows the deal with Santa).

Last night there was a very heartwarming sight.

All piled in together in one rocking chair. 

Owen was reading The Elf on The Shelf to Andrew and Caroline.

It was so nice to see him being such a big help and eagerly participating in the bedtime routine.

And yes they all dressed themselves, hence the mismatched pajamas.  I don't bother to correct them because there is quite a sense of accomplishment in being independent and making your own choices.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  What sort of things do you have planned?

For me I have cookies to make for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011


  1. Oh, such cute photos of your kids!!! So sweet!

  2. Seeing kids reading books together nearly brings tears to my eyes! Love it!

  3. Eeekk... I need that book and that doll. My friend posted a cpiture of that Elf. I had no idea there was a book and everything to go with it! You're family is too cute!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The pictures of my babies made me get all teary. They're so precious together!

    Love always,

  5. I've never heard of this book before and I'm going to look forward to it. It's great way to teach kids to be good... at least it will work until Santa comes! ;-) Your children are so cute!

  6. I never heard of this elf thing until today. Love this post, your family is so adorable. The tree is gorgeous.

  7. It looks like the kids are being perfect little angels for the holiday season! The tree is lovely....there's something about a child-decorated tree!

  8. Beautiful tree! I miss having one.

    I made cookies for the swap this weekend too! Now I have to remember to go to the post office tomorrow. :)

  9. Wow! What an adorable bunch of good kids! 5-star for their x'mas decor :)

    Rachel, would love to have you join me @ Promote Your Blog @ Shirley's Luxury Haven! DIY This X’mas With 12 Lovely Recipes! Happy Holidays!

  10. What a beautiful sight of your kiddies reading together! It's wonderful that you managed to capture it on camera. Those photos have got to be kept forever!
    Beautiful tree too! M is planning to buy our's this week. I'm looking forward to tree decorating at the weekend with Lil' L :)

  11. Such a heart-warming sight! That is so sweet, sitting together with the big brother reading. :)

    And I totally get what you are saying about the clothes. My oldest, who is 5, has been picking out her own clothes for years now. She can come out of her room with some....interesting..outfits but she is always sooo proud of herself that I don't usually say anything. Usually. ;)