Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend I had the pleasure of my in-laws coming down from Ocean City, Maryland AND I got to see a musical adaptation of Freckles and the Great Beach Rescue.

The Freckles books are written by local author, mom, blogger, and friend Ellen Bryant Lloyd.  The books are feel good books and highlight to children that doing the right thing and being a good friend makes you feel good about yourself.

That's Ellen there in the black shirt in the back trying to blend in with the crowd :)

The adaptation was part of 17 Days Festival, which over a seventeen day period highlighted works of art, music, and theater.  A fun event and one that provided tons of cultural events for families. 

Held at the Music Academy of North Carolina.  It was an intimate setting in which families sat on the floor and kids could mingle with each other freely.

The performance was about 30 minutes long and engaged the children to participate.  As it was a story about a dog at the beach, there were beach balls to bat around the room.

Children also got to participate by making a rain storm (snapping, clapping and stomping) for the section of the book in which a storm comes to the beach.  So much fun, except my daughter wanted to clap and we were in the section that snapped. 

This was a great introduction to musical performances for children and there were snacks afterwards..YUM!

One of the sponsors for the day was Maxie B's and she was kind enough to provide cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate chip, and vanilla). 

That's what the cupcakes look like after 80 people have come through

How lucky am I to get Maxie B's twice in one week (which was featured in Southern Living as one of the best bakeries in the South)?  As you may or may not have read here, I got birthday cake there for my 34th birthday!!! 

After the performance Ellen was available to sign copies of her book:

There was a larger then life Freckles available to greet the children and take photos with them.

Caroline "tickled" the dog and ran away...with a more then guilty look on her face.

Andrew decided to get in on someone else's photo...what can I say the boy loves a camera.

Here Caroline is regaling Grandma Elaine with her adventures of the dog tickling and the vanilla cupcake she is greedily holding on to.

It was a great afternoon and I am so glad that we were able to go and support our friend.  Later that night I read the original Freckles book to my boys.


  1. The festival looks like a great event for the community!
    I love children's books that give messages on core human values such as love, compassion and so forth. The Freckles series sounds like it gives these messages in a fun, child centred way. I'll have to check the books out. Probably too young for Lil' L, but could make great Christmas pressies for friends' children x

  2. We had a wonderful time with these fantastic young audiences! I work for The Music Academy, and this partnership with Ellen Bryant Lloyd and the artist faculty who performed has been incredibly rewarding. Thanks to everyone who attended.
    (Laura Holley)