Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIAW post # ???

Well I am not quite sure how many What I Ate Wednesday's I have participated in, but I am here again this Wednesday to link up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.

Today I am presenting to you the eats I will consume today.

I know, I know a novel idea to actually show you what I ate on a Wednesday (typically it is Tuesday that I show you).

On to the eats!!!

Breakfast today was a bottle of water (not photographed) and a Pure apple cinnamon bar.

A quick sidebar on these.  They are delicious, organic, vegan, and raw (Yeah Baby...think Austin Powers as I type this).

They have a chocolate brownie that is TO DIE for.

For lunch I had leftover stir fry that I made for the fam as we have an abundance of veggies chilling in my fridge:

Both of my boys declared this the best thing they have ever eaten.  Just goes to show that healthy can be yummy and not the least bit boring (all of the textures and flavors made a party in my mouth).

For dinner it will be either a ratatouille burger (whose recipe I shared here)

Or I am going to have vegetable soup (heavy on the tomatoes) that the muscles of my house put together:

Choices are good to have.

Well I must go and head over to Jenn's to see what everyone else is eating.  I am always filled with inspiration after I see what people are eating.

Have a Happy Wednesday

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