Monday, November 3, 2014

Only 51 More Days To Go

It is shocking to me every year how quickly Christmas rolls around.

Makes me begin to wonder whether time is just moving faster.

As of today there are 51 more days until Christmas.

I love the holiday and the decorations...and the FOOD!

Wouldn't be a proper holiday without some delicious vittles.

However the commercial aspects of the season really drive me crazy.

I was walking through one of the big box stores with my kids (mid-October mind you) and Christmas decorations and suggestions for gifts were everywhere.  My kids expressed some dismay and wanted to know what, when Halloween and Thanksgiving still had to come, were we already prepping for Christmas.

Simply explained to them it was so the most money could be made on gifts.

My husband and I have for several years requested that family either give 1 gift per child or give them an experience (or money for an experience if they live too far away).

This has worked like a charm and has cut down on the massive amounts of stuff that would clutter our house each December.

So what do you do?  Do you give unabashedly or are you more conservative?

Are their certain traditions that you all have the substitutes as a Christmas gift (i.e. going to The Nutcracker ballet)?

Just so that people don't think I am crazy and alone in my thought of giving less for the holidays...I would like to share this blog post that I came across.  In it Heather has some fantastic ideas for gifts.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. We celebrate Hanukkah, so I find that we're not too big on gifts. I am excited about getting more into birthday gifts for people though, like canned foods and gifts from the farmers' market. I also want to mail holiday cards to everyone this year.

  2. This is great, and it's great to see you blogging again. I.can''s.November. I'm with you. It's crazy fast how comes around each year. Hope you are well,



  3. Actually, we do the exact same thing you do! We request that Lexie receive only one gift or experience from each person, and we ask that no one gift Cory and I with anything except their love and presence. :) It has made the holidays such a stress-free time for us. I hated those first few years as a family when we'd bring home tons and tons of gifts for all three of us and wonder what in the world we were going to do with everything!