Monday, October 8, 2012

Women's Only (Vegan MoFo #5)

This past Saturday I ran in the Cone Health Women's Only 5k

Me, my mom, and 3600 other women got together and run/walked 3.1 miles.

Just look at the sea of pink:

It was completely exhilirating to be amongst so many women and to be so very encouraged as we ran by the spectators along the route.

The money raised from entrance fees went to mammography scholarships so that those who are under insured or uninsured can get mammograms (over $118,000 was raised).

There was an expo with tons of vendors.  You could pick up t-shirts, free cups, and even massages (Oh Yeah!).  Then there was Jazzercise to warm up.

Here is a brief video of the days events:

Now I messed up a little, this was my first race, and I didn't realize the importance of being in the front of the line (and I didn't keep time on my watch).  I got stuck at the back of the pack and it probably took me 10 minutes to get to the start line...however I wasn' t running for time.

I am completely in love with running now.  Even though I am not very good at it yet, nor very fast, I am going to keep practicing.

Have you run in races before?

Any tips on how to get better?

Or would you like to tell me about what you did this weekend that you enjoyed?


  1. Hi Rachel! Found you through Vegan MoFo. So glad you are doing it as I'm really enjoying your posts and your blog in general!

    As for running, I think 99.9% of people say they are not "fast enough" when they first begin. I like to run here and there but I do not call myself a runner by any means. But I think the reason I don't get burned out of it is because I take my time and don't push my body to do anything that doesn't feel right. So you have the right idea by easing yourself into it and not worrying about time. I personally think 5Ks are the best! Not too long but a good challenge. Hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. Rachel, that's incredible! Good for you. I love the mammography scholarship idea! I'm now also following your blog on Bloglovin' to make sure I get updated on all your posts. :)

  3. Congratulations Rachel! Glad the race went well and that you love running. Yes to the running bug. :)

    I've run in about ten races, ranging from 5ks to half marathons, and really love it. My favorite part of running is the races, even though they can be challenging.

    The biggest tip I have is to decide what direction you want to go with in your running, if you want to set a goal. Either choose to run faster (and do another 5k down the road), or choose to add distance. It's best and safest to choose one or the other, and go from there. Good luck!

  4. I've only ran in a few but you're right, getting stuck in the back is the worst. I've literally ended up walking for a few minutes because it was so packed, not fun.

    I have no advice other than to keep running. Everyone gets better with practice.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring. Keep on running. I'm not an avid runner but I know that this is the advice I hear shared most often. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Races are addicting! Glad you had a good first experience. Smaller races it won't be so hard to get away from people, of course. The bug ones you just have to relax and enjoy the sights, I find.

  7. What an amazing first experience hunnie. It's so good to hear how you are in love with racing now. You may not be the fastest @ the moment, but just keep pushing yourself girl. You'll get there :)

  8. My fave is the Daiya! I love its melty-goodness :) Have a good weekend!

  9. What an amazing event! It must have been so exhilarating to be part of it! And what an incredible amount of money raised for such a worthy cause. A big pat on the back to all of you that took part :)
    It's so great to hear that you're enjoying running. I'm still loving my little morning runs (about 3 miles) along the canal. It's such a great way to start the day :) Last year, I ran 10K to raise money for a cancer charity, but I haven't run anywhere near that far since. A friend asked me this week whether I'd consider running the Bath Half Marathan with her next year to raise money for Kenyan Orphans. Seriously, half a marathan? I just don't think I could run that far! Saying that, how can I say no when it's to raise money for orphans??? What do you think? Should I go for it?

  10. I'm so proud of you for doing that!!! It's easy to get addicted to doing these races, but I knw there are worse things to be addicted to. It's healthy and the money always goes to a good cause!!

    You're right though, starting in the back is a big no-no if you're interested in competing! Dodging all of the walkers is a workout in and of itself! :o)