Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vegan MoFo #4

I am only 4 days into my first MoFo...

But I am loving hopping from blog to blog seeing what everybody is blogging on.

Some people are super organized and have a theme for the month and there are others, like myself, who are flying by the seat of their pants.

I saw this modified food pyramid and had to share.  If only the USDA would take a look!

So today I am in a funny mood and just wanted to share some vegan food jokes.

Tomorrow I have a review of a new to me sauce, Mae Ploy sweet chilli sauce + a GIVEAWAY.

Happy MoFo/Thursday to you all!


  1. Love them all but especially the one with the gorilla. It's odd that most people aren't aware that other foods besides meat have protein in them.

  2. Hehe I got a giggle out of that one. People are so set in their ways. They have had a set of ideas drummed into their brains and they don't want to allow another opinion in. I'm only a vegetarian but it is the best thing I ever did. And yes, I get enough protein!

  3. Love the cartoons, they gave me a nice laugh!

  4. Hehe. Very cute. And the classic protein question. Having been a vegetarian for many years (and I was vegan for a few years too), I am always amazed that people STILL ask about protein. Oh well.

  5. Love this post. The cartoons are great thanks for sharing them.

  6. Comic relief- just what I needed! Thank you :)

  7. I hope your 1st Vegan MoFO is going well! Are you trying out vegan for a month, or is this going to be a permanent dietary change for you?
    Love the cartoons! They did make me chuckle a lot! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hope you're have a great Sunday. Make sure you take time to chill out. That's what Sundays should be about ;) xx

  8. I enjoyed seeing the jokes :) I wouldn't mind a Volksvegan that runs on veggie oil. Although, I am truly hoping one day soon we will have more electric car options. Have a beautiful fall day!

  9. The jokes are so good, and I love the food pyramid. Very thorough - even reminds you to drink water. I should post one on my wall!