Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jessica's Granola

I had the pleasure of sampling, what I think might be, the best granola EEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRR!

Jessica of, aptly named, Jessica's Natural Foods Granola sent me three bags of her granola.  The flavors were:

Almond Cherry
Chocolate Chip
Vanilla Maple

No Freudian slip I put them in order of tasting and ironically enough in order of my preference. 

I don't like granola to be TOO sweet because sometimes I like to put almond milk on top and have it for breakfast.  The Almond Cherry fit the bill perfectly.  The tartness of the dried Michigan cherries paired with the almond flavored granola was a wonderfully delicious combination (and by the way the bag was consumed in a day and half--by myself and my kids--see exhibit A below).

The next flavor sampled was the chocolate chip.  My favorite way to eat this is by the handful straight out of the bag, my kids preferred to put it both over yogurt and, after dinner, over ice cream.  There are TONS of mini chocolate chips that just make your mouth happy.

The last flavor we cracked open was the vanilla maple.  I tried this as a cereal and was a little sweet for my taste to eat first thing in the morning...but it is fantastic over ice cream...HOLY SMOKES!  It does wonders.

A unique aspect of Jessica's granolas is that they are certified gluten-free (making it safe for consumption by those who are bothered by wheat).  The granola is made in small batches to preserve the freshness and integrity of the taste.  Seriously look at the goodness just chilling in my hand (this is the chocolate chip):

Jessica takes care to use local ingredients and there are no:

Artificial flavors
Artificial coloring
Highly refined sweeteners
Trans fat

I strive to find snacks and foods that are good for my children (husband too if he wants to eat them :)).  I feel very good about Jessica's and even made a point to petition my grocery store to stock it.  Why not share what I have found with others?  Oh right that is the point of this blog.

So please take the time to check out small businesses and give them your business.  It is a great way to foster a terrific sense of community.


  1. I love granola. I will be looking for this in the stores, especially the almond cherry granola!

  2. I also LOVE this granola! I also love the syrup for milk that they sell. They are delicious and my son loves them. And without artifical colors and flavors they are a hit with me!