Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweet Leaf Tea Company

I was contacted by Sweet Leaf Tea to help promote their contest to find the next Grannyism and to provide you, my readers, with the opportunity to win some free tea.

There are two contests going on:

1) Develop Grannyism #79
2) Participate in a daily contest to see if your cities temperature is high enough to receive a prize.

Now I was given a chance to try their tea before I posted this and I have to say that 3 out of the 4 flavors I tried were DELICIOUS.  I had original, green tea and citrus, and peach which I loved.  The flavors were subtle yet refreshing.  The green tea was at the top of my list as it reminded my of an Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade mix).  The other flavor I tried was mint & honey...well I just don't like mint try as I may.

Sweet Leaf prepares tea the way you would at home using water, tea, and sugar.  The ingredients aren't foreign and can be pronounced by small children :)

What excites me about Sweet Leaf is that it is certified organic...a good idea to keep pesticides out (as they aren't made for human consumption).

Below is Sweet Leaf Tea's press release, after you read through please note a GIVEAWAY from me and Sweet Leaf at the bottom.

Sweet Leaf Tea is introducing a new online experience called "Granny's Almanac" where fans can participate in playful, summertime contests to win some sweet prizes.  As part of the online promotion, "Granny's Almanac" will feature "The Great Grannyism Cap-Off Contest," which will ofer fans the opportunity to win everything from ticket giveaways to summer concerts and festivals, to a chance to have their Grannyism featured on a Sweet Leaf Tea bottle cap, one year worth of free tea and more.

"The Great Grannyism Cap-Off Contest" was designed to give Sweet Leaf Tea fans the opportunity to write their very own Grannyism--a piece of wisdom that is Granny-approved and could potentially be immortalized on a Sweet Leaf Tea bottle cap.  To enter to win, contestants must write their Grannyism and submit their bottle cap into the contest gallary for voting online at "Granny's Almanac."  Entrants and fans are then encouraged to share it with their friends and get votes via Facebook.  The grand prize for the contest includes having the winning Grannyism featured on a Sweet Leaf Tea bottle cap as Grannyishm #79, one year of free tea and some other Sweet Leaf Tea gear.  The runner-up prize includes one year worth of free tea and Sweet Leaf gear.

"We are constantly getting feedback from fans via Twitter and Facebook about how much they love our Grannyism's and how they look forward to discovering a new one with each Sweet Leaf Tea beverage they enjoy," said Sweet Leaf Tea Brand Marketing Manager Charla Adams.  "Granny's Almanac was designed not only to provide our tea fans with amusement, valueable event information and amazing prizes, but also to provide them with an opportunity to actually be a part of the Sweet Leaf Tea product and this experience with "The Great Grannyishm Cap-Off Contest."

In addition to the prizes mentioned above, Sweet Leaf Tea will also be giving away daily exclusive offers and special coupons for Sweet Leaf Tea products via the "Sweet Deal Forecaster," in which exclusive offers will be unlocked when the user's city reaches a certain temperature.  For official ruls and guidelines please visit the "Granny's Almanac" website at http://www.sweetleafalmanac.com/.

I have coupons for free tea, but I need you to help me out.  I am trying to increase my following here and on Twitter.  So if you want to be considered for a coupon please:

1) Leave me a comment (anything will do, but flattery always works) and let me know that you follow my blog. 
2) For a second chance to be considered (bonus points here) follow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you do so (if you are already following then comment on that).

On Friday, September 9th, I will contact my winners and get your information to send out your coupons.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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