Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is the dream?

What a lot of people are always in search of and few reach.

Having just discovered Vanessa Kimbell, who in fact is living her dream, I have been inspired to search out what it means to me to be "living the dream."

My dream would have many layers, some of which have been realized.

Get married--check

Have children--check, check, and check (I have 3)

Write a blog--check

And some which have not

Write a cookbook

Travel the world

Live in a foreign country (just need to decide where..Florence looks nice)

For many this bucket list of ideals is hard to incapsulate. 

For me those 6 items above are my top dreams.

I decided 3 weeks ago, after much hemming and hawing (in other words my husband was tired of hearing me talk about it), to start blogging.

For me it was a desire to share information that made me want to create a blog, naturally I would like to be successful.

I love the idea of being healthier and searching out ways to keep myself, and my family, healthy.

I regularly Google ways to recreate items typically purchased at the grocery store.
For example mosquitoes in my backyard are a bit of a problem.  In an effort to not douse ourselves with chemicals my husband and I searched out a natural remedy (vodka based) to help.

It was a cheap and effective solution.

I will continue to dream and will make every effort to see my dreams through. 

Do you have a dream?  If so what is it?

Just want to throw in a frugal find for today: Family Fun magazine for free.  Sign up for Tippr and you will receive a $5 credit.  Low and behold Family Fun is a deal here for $5.  The credit cancels out the cost and there you go. 

If you enjoy little hints like this let me know, if you don't like them let me know as well I can easily eliminate them.

One last additional tidbit.  I am in the running to be included in the top 25 Family Blogs on Circle of Moms.  If you could find it in your heart to send me some love, and a vote, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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  1. My thoughts exactly!! :) Looking forward to following your Blog, Rachel!

  2. Wonderful dreams come true, and yet to come true! I'm following you and also voting for you on the Circle of Moms!

    P.S.--Love the word "veganize"! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Good for you for starting your blog...this was always something I wanted to do as well and finally took the leap. Kind of scary putting yourself out there but fun too. Good luck with the rest of your bucket list, especially the ones that involve exotic locations!

  4. When you do that world travel, I'm SURE you're going to need your mom to go along and take care of the kids. Right???? *grins*

    Love always,


  5. I hope all your dreams come true. I'm following.

  6. Yay for starting a blog! I started my original one as a way for my out-of-state family to keep up with me and my girls. It eventually gave birth to my cooking blog.
    I really love this post...it makes me want to share my own "bucket" list. :) Looking forward to sharing with you in the future! I'm definitely following.

  7. Hey Rachel I love that you are on your way ..superb post .. made me laugh all the way through reading it .. I've added you to the page and thank you !!